2018 Audi Q5 Premium in SoCal

2018 Audi Q5 Premium
MSRP: $43,925
Monthly payment: $500, including tax
Total out of pocket: $500
MSD: $0
Rebates: $2000 (Audi Loyalty)
MF: .00155
Residual: 56%
36 months, 12k miles/year

Score: 7.7 yrs
Zip: 91362

All in all, not the greatest deal around but the lady was dead set on getting a Q5. Audi does not offer very aggressive lease programs so all things considered, I’m happy. New to this game, so any feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:

What was the sale price? Also, you should have done MSDs to lower the monthly.

I have to look at the paperwork, but I recall it being in the $37k range.

Doesn’t look like the 1% rule applies here…

Definitely not…:expressionless:

Can I have dealer info?

I think you paid 43k for it. The numbers dont add up with 37 cap cost plus 2000 in rebate.