2018 Audi Q5 $618 36month/10K in NY State

Here is the info I am looking at:

MSRP: $53,675.00
Selling Price: $48,844.25 (9%)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000

MF: 0.00177

Residual: 61%

Acq Fee: $895
Doc Fee: $499 (I know this is marked up, waiting to hear back on them lowering this)

Sales Tax Rate: 7.375 ($1,678 in total)
Total Due At Signing: $3,195 (include tax, as I live in NY state)
Monthly Payment (excluding. tax): $618

Looking for advice on if you guys think this is a decent deal? Ive already asked about bringing that doc fee down. One thing I was considering asking is if they would throw in Audicare, which should then bump the RV from 61% to 62%.

706$ a month seems pretty high. Maybe try and get the discount around 6500-7000$

Not sure how current Q5s are leasing, but the one I leased a couple years back was $577 month with $560 drive off (first month)…that was a 49.5K car with Audicare, 36 months/10k a year. in LA, 9% tax (my numbers are inclusive of tax).

I know the car is in high demand…apparently the Q5 represents 25% of Audi’s sales!

Personally, I will only lease a car when monthly cost of lease is 1% of MSRP or lower…than would be by taking all drive offs and payments and dividing by months in lease…including tax.

But then again, I really am not that picky when it comes to cars…I live in LA, and am stuck in traffic the majority of the time. My average MPH over car leases has been 18, regardless of the vehicle!