2018 Audi A6 P+ - Signing Tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

I’ve seen some posts regarding the A6 but dont want to hijack those threads.
What do you guys think about this deal? Getting around 22.5% from sticker all in.

2018 Audi A6 3.0 Premium Plus

MSRP 63,110
Discount 11,159
Rebates 3,000
Adjusted Price 48,950
Fees & stuff 2,371
Net Price 51,321
MF .00042
Residual 48%
Drive Off, w/ 1st pay 1,842

Total payment per month 625 tax in


Looks pretty good 202020

What is that? Looks expensive.

899 doc fees
266.07 tax for rebates
1,105 non tax fees ( acquisitions, dmv, etc)

If all that is capped, then why is your due at signing so high at $1842? What is the breakdown of the $1842?

With an all-new generation A6 around the corner you should get a better deal on a 2018 car but Audis in general don’t lease well. So if you like the car over the E class, 5 series, and Volvo S90 then I’d say go for it…

$899 doc fee is some greedy shit right there


yeah thats FL 2020220202

Dealer claims those are the 1st month, dmv, tags

Seems like they are double dipping?

I ran some numbers based on what was given. You’re not leaving any money on the table. It’s a good deal

Thanks Ivan. I appreciate you doing that.

Looks pretty good. I think you could chisel down the fees and drive-off some more. But for a $63,000 car I think you’ve done well.

Sounds like it. DMV was already capped, wasn’t it?

And in what state does DMV/tags cost ~1,200?

Just wanted to update. I did pick up the car today and there where no surprises. I ended up getting a competition package A6 3.0 P+.

If anyone is looking for 3.0 I may have a few leads on negotiated deal with payments in the 625-630 tax in area with 1800 down. This is for FL dealers.