2018 Audi A5 Sportback Lease

How’s this lease take over?
Friend of a friend is moving out of state. Has a 2018 Audi A5 sport back premium plus with S line package w B&O sound system:
MSRP $55,000
Downpayment $700
Total mileage 30,000,
current mileage 2500
36 month lease
30 months remaining
Monthly payment $499 including tax

I spoke to Audi Financial and they said the original leasee will remain on the contract! Is that a big deal???

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Sounds like a great deal. Audi’s are usually bad leases, but this falls within the 1% rule.


Yes that’s what I thought. At 0.9% it sounds like a good deal but I’m wondering if the original leasee staying on could be a problem???

It’d be a problem/risk for him, not you.


That’s a great deal on a SB. Dealers in my area were asking about $650/month for a similarly equipped car.

assuming he’s not asking you for the 7k down payment, thats a steal

that’s over $700 effective, so no

Hi sorry I’m new to this can you explain? It is for 15k miles and my drive off is $4600 so total cost including drive off and lease payments is $25,600 for 3 yrs.

well if you divide 25600/36 you get 711.11. So that is what you are paying. Usually you want to try to get the 1% rule which would mean you would want a total cost of 19368 (538*36). But that is hard to get on an Audi. But I still think your cost is too high

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Audi do not do lease transfers!! No exceptions!! So this is a huge risk for the person who’s name is under the lease.