2018 Audi A4 Premium Plus Lease Quote Review Please!

Hello Hackers!

i got this quote from Audi dealership for 2018 Audi a4 Premium plus, without nav package.

MSRP - 46190
sale price - 39590.77
RV - 54%
MF - 0.00063

Terms - 12k miles per year for 36 months.
$799 due on signing with $525/month tax included.

I tried plugging in the calculator but it came out a bit less for around 490. I think I am missing some doc, registration fees?

Anyways, please let me know how this looks.

Yes, you are probably missing the acquisition fee (I think it is $795) unless it is part of your $799 due at signing. There could also be dealer handling and some other minor fees depending on your region but again without knowing what is included in that $799 hard to know what you are missing in your own math.

Not a terrible deal for an Audi but Audis in general lease terribly. Check out other comparable brands/models if you want better value for your lease dollars…

Im laughing not at you but hopefully with you. Best advice is google A4’s here and you will see over and over again, “Audi’s don’t lease well.” Understatement!

You will also find the best deals others may have gotten recently for compassion and maybe a little bargaining power. For $800 you can get way more car for way less money.

I came on the site in the summer originally for help hoping to lease an A4. After getting horribly high quotes from multiple dealers I took the advice to look into other brands and models.

I still like A’4’s but couldn’t really justify paying so much for one. Unfortunately I deleted the email, but a few days ago received a email from a CA dealer for $399 per month for 2018 A4 Premium. Because I already got a G80 I didn’t open and read the fine print on the email. Good luck.

Agree with you about Audi’s in general, but I believe he was quoted $525 per month with $800 down. $800 per month for an A4 would be on another level for sure.

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Oops! Thanks for pointing out my error.

My apologies to the OP. Lol. I totally misread the post. Funny thing is it didn’t seem all that off when I thought the monthly was $799. I remember having received quotes in that range.

So, though still not a great buy, by Audi standards $500 per month and $800 down is not bad at all.