2018 Audi A4 Premium Plus, $426 36/12, MSD, 0 down $2k DAS

Got this deal from dealer, thoughts?

2018 Audi A4 Premium Plus - Summer of Audi Edition (Tech, Premium Plus, Black Optics package)

**MSRP: $49865
**Selling Price: $40220 (including $3500 market allowance, $750 season of Audi cash)
**% off MSRP: 19%
**Monthly Payment: $465 (including 9.25% CA tax)
**Drive Off: $2071 (1st payment, acq fee, reg/lic/doc fee)
**MSD: $4750
**Protection Package: Audi Care $869, Audi lease end protection $1635 (+2% residual and opt to pay upfront) = $1271 (-$260 lease end return from Audi Care)
Total Drive Off: $8092 (drive off + MSD + PP)

**Annual Mileage:12000
**MF:0.00023 (0.55%)

**Region: NorCal
**Leasehackr Score:9.5 year

You don’t need AudiCare and you definitely don’t need the protection package. Total rip off and it only covers incidents under $1k.

It’s a pretty decent deal your discount is where it needs to be. I’d roll in the drive offs. Why pay that upfront? You don’t need to.

You need to explain why you’re recommending not to take Audicare, as most people shopping for Audi vehicles are not going to agree that the cons outweigh the pros, even penny-pinchers here.

With Audicare adding 1%, or saving ~$500 on this vehicle, Audicare is costing ~$369 for 2 services (20k and 30k) which when you factor in real world usage, loaner cars, etc makes sense for peace of mind and ease of servicing.

@zonelease Unless you tend to pick up a lot of damage on your vehicles the lease end protection is probably not worth it given you’re allowed a decent amount of wear and tear. Check the Audi lease turn in rules if you’re not sure to help make the decision. It looks like a pretty good deal though.

I think it’s a no brainer to add Audi Care. With the +1% residual my net cost is only $330ish and will get an $260 refund in the end, due to not using the last two services.

The sole reason for Audi Lease end protection is the tire wear coverage, might or might not be super useful which I don’t need to worry about the tire wear in the end.