2018 Audi A4 2.0T Ultra FWD S Tronic Premium Plus Tech

I just visited the Audi Dealer here in Las Vegas and i was given this quote, Bear in mind no credit has been run yet, i have a tier 1 credit above 720. I know i can get a way better deal please let me know what is reasonable? im hoping to get $0 down and $400 a month if its possible? or should i budget myself at $450?

2018 Audi A4 2.0T Ultra Prem Plus Tech
Selling Price-$41132
15000 Miles/Yr
42Mths Lease Term
Down Payment-$2000

comes to a Monthly Payment of $621.25.

I asked for the MF but they didn’t give me because they haven’t run the credit. but i calculated RV is at 52% and i keep hearing Audi Lease bad, but i really want a Audi A4 with the Tech Package that has Virtual Cockpit, please tell me if $400-$450 a month with $0 down and 36-42mths lease is even possible?

Thank you

Don’t do 42 months lease. You are only saving $2 a month.

Here are the numbers MSRP $46,010 premium plus with tech
36 months/15k miles a year
$2,000 total out of pocket
$508 plus tax
Residual 50%

If you have a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or Lexus in the household then the DAS drops to $1,000.

This price is pretty much rock bottom so if you have a strict budget then you will have to give up some of the options.


@ivanaudi, i see, thank you so much.

I was hoping to find a Trim thats Audi A4 Premium Plus TFSI Ultra 190HorsePower and add a Tech Package on it bring it to around 42k MSRP. and if i want to do 36months, $0 Down. How much a month would i be looking at?

Thank you

Ivan, you’ve been extremely active on here and providing some real solid help.

Thank you! You’re really setting a precedent as the go-to Audi guy for SoCal.

I have seen 590-600 a month with 0 down, 15k miles a year on a Premium Plus Quattro with a 50k msrp.

Im going in tomorrow to Lease an Audi A4, can anyone tell me the Absolutely Base Model i checked online its about $36,975 MSRP but selling price about $31,150, with excellent credit can i talk it down to $400 monthly or less at $0 down? Absolute Base Model with 10K miles per year. 36 month lease? is that even in the realm or possibility? i did the math and it seems to me its possible.

i even did a calculation on 58% RV.

Please if anyone can help me out let me know. Thanks. going into Dealership tomorrow. Im In Las Vegas

The MF/RV are off. You need to know those values so you can get an accurate lease calculation.

Also, don’t create new threads and just post any new updates/questions in the same A4 thread you already creates.

Thank you Jon! I apologize, first time using the forum and didn’t know how to. Now i know the rules. Thanks again.

I did the math on the quote they gave me and its at a 7.39% which is a .00308MF. with a 52% RV.

Can anyone tell me whats the lowest MF i can get for a Audi lease and highest RV?

That MF does not sound right at all, unless you have terrible credit. Lowest MF would be the buyrate MF with max MSDs. RV is set by the bank and the dealer cannot change it. You should check Edmunds for the current MF/RV/incentives in your area.

No, i told them i have a Tier one credit, but didn’t run it yet and that is what they offered me. I will let them run the credit tomorrow. and thank you i will check edmunds.

Are you sure you want to drive a FWD Audi for $400/month?

That’s basically $15,000 to lease a car that you said sells for 31

Im sorry thing would be my first time leasing and i don’t want to have a high down payment and i like to change cars (which fits to the leasing category) but im sensing there is a math involve in this, can you tell me why not? Thank you

A FWD Audi doesn’t sound particularly appealing. If you search the forum you will find much better deals on RWD BMW and MB loaners and brand new Infiniti Q50

Also, it would benefit you to do some reading up on leasing more generally to understand the various aspects of the transaction before jumping in. There is math involved, moreso than if you were doing a straight purchase, and it’s important to know all of it to (1) prevent being taken advantage of, and (2) understand how to manipulate them to hack a deal.

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Thank you, I see, I do understand the value in spending the $400 to get an audi vs a MB or BMW. but im sold on an Audi and if i can get a good deal i will get it, if not im going to An Acura. so i was wondering if someone can tell me if its possible for a $400 month $0 down for a Audi A4 with Premium Plus Tech.

Not possible…that’s so far off from @IvanAudi’s numbers.

Hi, what did you end up doing? I’m looking at the same car, but base because I am dealing with a negative equity situation.
I am also leasing for the first time and I have done a lot of research, and read a lot of posts, stories, tips, and watched videos…and I am still being schooled lol.

Im curious about what you got because I am about to head over to Audi to close the deal.

Is there anyway you can link me to that post please?

If you’re in a negative equity situation then maybe it’s best to go for something several hundred cheaper?

Audi was actually giving me what i asked them for (450), which to me was reasonable given my situation. Like I said, I am willing to take my loses in order to level out and continue to lease moving forward.

I stopped by Lexus on my way to Audi just to check it out, turns out that the lease was about the same, with a few perks, and my insurance was gonna be $24 less than with Audi so I got an IS 300. I am happy with it.