2018 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro Sign & Drive

2018 Audi A4 Premium Plus 2.0T Quattro S Tronic (NEW)
Terms: 36 months/7500 miles per-year
MSRP: $49,100
Monthly Payment: $550

Due at Signing (Sign & Drive): $889 ($0 down, taxes and fees rolled in; 1st month and NYS DMV due at signing. I got new plates, so the DMV fees were a bit higher. State fees are obviously exclusive to the state in which you are leasing the car, so if you remove the state and DMV fees, I really only put down the 1st month’s payment of $550)

Incentives: $2500 ($1500 Audi lease incentive and $1000 conquest rebate if you show proof of having a Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW registered in your household)
Additional Negotiated Discounts: $1,645.15
Total Discounts: $4,145.15

                          MSRP: $49100.00
     Negotiated Discount:$ -1645.15
            Audi Incentives: $ -2500.00

   True Value of Vehicle: $44954.85

Taxes and Fees (rolled in): NYS Sales tax (8.625%) = $1,920.28; Acquisition Fee = $895; Total: $2,815.28
Contractual Agreed Upon Value of Vehicle: $44,954.85
Gross Capitalized Cost: $47,770.13
Capitalized Cost Reduction: $2,500
Adjusted Capitalized Cost: $45,270.13
Residual Value: $27,005.00 (roughly 60%)

The $2500 from Audi certainly massaged the monthly payment down a bit. I’m sure I could have done better with the $1645.15 discount the dealer gave me, but I still think I walked away with a good deal - $4,145.15 off MSRP isn’t too bad, right? The salesperson originally started me off at $592 per-month, so we agreed at $550 after a little back and forth.

The A4 is a great car - my first German car and first lease! I usually buy one-year-old retired Lexus loaner’s with less than 10,000 miles because of their extraordinary reputation for reliability (and buying a new car just isn’t worth it these days). I would never buy a German car because of the maintenance cost and questionable reliability. Decided to bite the bullet and lease one instead. First service is free, and oil changes are done once per-year, so I only have to pay for two services before the car goes back after the 3 years are up. Not bad!

As long as you’re happy, that’s what matters. Stop by before signing next time. :slight_smile:

I did a 47k one for 493 w/ 1000, 12k miles, 8.875 tax. As long as you like the car, don’t worry about it.

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Congrats on the new car, but this is a horrible deal especially with 7500 per year


Did they double count the $2,500 from Audi? It comes off the selling price and then it’s used again as CCR

In that price, it isn’t double counted lol. Yes, should be used as a discount against CCR though for Audi

MSRP is $49100, less the $4145.15 in total discounts is $44954.85, plus the $2815.28 in taxes in fees (which were rolled in) comes out to $47770.13, less the $2500 (again?) is $45270.13. Hmm good observation. I honestly do not know.

What would you have done differently/asked for before signing this deal? I fully expected to be paying close to $600 per month on a sign and drive for a $50k car, so I was content with the $550. I had a pleasant experience at the dealer, and my salesperson was a pleasure to work with. I originally wanted an A5, but that model did not have the same incentives, so it would’ve been almost another $100 per-month. I’ll try again in 3 years :smile:

Don’t beat yourself up over it, Audi in NY is very Hot/Cold. Some dealers absolutely control the market and will always screw you over. For example, Classic Audi, controls Westchester NY.

I also forgot to mention that I asked to see the “deal” sheet, which shows the breakdown of the deal before signing and how much money the dealer is making on the deal. They made $300 on this deal. I wasn’t going to walk in there thinking they were going to give me the car at cost, so I think $300 over invoice is appropriate. Am I wrong here?

check some of the other A4 deals on the site. we even have a thread for Audi

Alright well I don’t know Audi and have no ambition on leasing one (unless there is a screaming r8 deal like previous NSX deals) so I can’t judge on whether the deal is good or not but from first glance and what you said about paying $300 over invoice I’d have to say its pushing towards a not so hot deal. The dealer doesn’t pay invoice for cars, there’s also other behind the scenes discounts from the manufacturer that the dealer gets so the dealer is straight up lying to you on this so called “deal” sheet. As long as your happy with the deal and the car then that is all that should matter, but the suggestion of stopping by here or talking with one of the awesome brokers on this site could have possibly saved you some money. Cheers!

It’s a sign of how poorly Audi’s lease that a $2,500 OEM rebate can be used twice and even then it’s a high payment relative to every competitor.

Please. No one buys that.


Yeah, it’s like releasing a hand-picked tax return.

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Could you explain why that is? The deal sheet had the same VIN as the car I wound up leasing, so I know it wasn’t a bait car so to speak. I understand now that I apparently did not get a “good” deal; however, I would like to know what I should have done differently. I really did not want to go dealer hopping and spend my days off in various Audi dealers looking to save another $20 - $30 off per-month. If I wasn’t comfortable with the deal, I would have left. I’m just trying to learn from my mistakes here. As I previously mentioned, this was my first lease.


Many cars for go less than invoice. You should negotiate by email instead of visiting dealers in person. Only after coming to an agreement with finalized numbers do you goto the dealer.

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Long Island car dealerships rarely negotiate via email. Only those that are desperate do, and the desperate dealerships are not typically that of the luxury car brands. I’ve been baited by certain dealerships before. They just want to get you in the door. Also, the luxury car dealerships are typically located in the wealthier parts of the Island, so they know that if I didn’t sign that deal, someone would walk in right after me and gladly sign.

Part of learning from this community is realizing that you don’t have to play by the rules that you think exist in the system. Sometimes this means going well outside your immediate area to score a really nice deal. Read and learn from those posting so you can really nail a deal in the future. Enjoy the Audi!


Good point, and thank you! I’ll definitely be studying this website with the hopes of becoming a more seasoned leasee next time around.

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Obviously not NY, but here in Phoenix I have bought/leased 6 Audi’s over the years and get 8-10% off MSRP without even asking (plus the Audi loyalty incentive that ranges from $500-$1500). So your discount seems like the “bad part” of the deal unless that’s just NY??

And if a salesperson ever says, “We didn’t make any money off this.” or “Man, my wife will be mad at me as I guess we won’t be able to take that vacation now.” or “You just stole this car from us.” I would runnnnnnnnnnnn out the door to another dealership.