2018 Audi A3 Sedan 2.0 TFSI quattro Premium Plus S tronic

MSRP: $38,775
Zip Code: 10583

Hey guys, this is my first lease and I’ve been researching a lot. I finally sent in an offer over email and below was the counter offer. I feel like it’s a bit high - what do you think?

Counter Offer

Term- 36 months
​Payment- $397.00
​Miles- 10k
​Due- Taxes and fees which will come out to be $2,998.0

Do you want an A3 or do you want an Audi?

If you want an Audi, your cheapest lease - cheaper than an A3 - is going to be an Audi A4 “Summer of Audi” model, which has an inflated residual and standard navigation system at a discounted price.

If you want an A3, they just don’t lease that well. Residual is really low, high 40s I think.


Thanks for the reply.

Originally I was looking at the A4 but I figured I’d be able to get a cheaper deal by going for the A3.

I was considering an Audi A4 that came out to an MSRP of about 41k. I’ll look into Summer i
of Audi. Do you know about how much cheaper that deal would be?

Leasing is regional, but in LA I think it would come in around $390-410/month+tax with $0 down/no first month.

Also, the A4’s have been recently updated and are quite nice whereas the A3 is showing its age and isn’t due for an update until 2020 I believe. A4 is definitely the way to go…a little more room and much nicer, newer interior.

Don’t go to classic audi, step one. Judging by the zip, this is probably a deal from them (may not be though)