2018 Audi A3 Quattro Tech Value

What are your thoughts on this? Trying to land a A3 for the best possible price.

Forget the A3. They lease horrendously because the residual sucks.

Look at the A4. You’ll save money.

That said, for an A3 it’s not terrible. But that’s because A3 leases absolutely suck. $440/month gets you so much more.

So this was what I was offered for the A4… thoughts?

That’s only 4% dealer discount, there is $2500 lease cash this month. There are very few 2018’s left, you might end up getting a better deal on a 2019 depending. Some dealers will want to get rid of them some won’t since there is not an abundance left.

Much better. It’s a Premium Plus right? Much better equipped. I believe the incentive is counting towards you drive off so the effective sales price is $39,500 which is a decent discount. You might be able to get it a tad lower. 17% off is not unheard.

Sucks that the MF doubled this month. It would’ve been cheaper last month; you could have bought down the MF to near 0 with only 6 MSDs. Maybe wait for “Season of Audi” if you aren’t in a rush.

I know all too well now lol. My 2016 A3 lease was at 61% residual got a great deal, now it’s an easy $100 bucks more a month. I love audi so let’s hope the 2019 residuals are much much better.