2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti, South Florida, $362/mo $50,940 MSRP, 1st Pmt DAS

South Florida, $50,940 Stelvio Ti, 24 months/10k per year, only first payment due at signing and 23 remaining payments of $362 including 7% tax. Dealer asked me not to disclose their name, however, if you try shopping for similar payments in South Florida you’ll see see that only one dealer plays ball, others wanted $5000 DAS for the same payment.


Very good deal!
Nice looking Stelvio Ti!

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Nicely done! 20202020

Nice Ti and great job. Would you mind posting your lease worksheet or PM it to me?

Have a great Labor Day weekend,


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Sure, as soon as i get home later on.

Very nice! Please include me as well.

Nice! Can you send me the worksheet as well?

Same here please! Need to close today :wink:

Please PM me the lease work sheet.

Pm me please! Thanks

Please PM me worksheet also! Thanks!

Please PM me the lease work sheet also.

Please PM me as well!
Thank you!

Sorry for the delay, here is the contract for everyone to review, sorry for not replying individually but i must have had 20 people PM me about this deal


Weird. There are no rebates listed. Did they just apply them directly towards the sales price?

I really don’t know, everything happened in such a weird way, I initially made a deal for a $49590 car, which then they emailed me if I would take this more expensive Ti for the same payment. I said hell yeah. I also presented the Truecar certificate for $500 and they always had an excuse why they couldn’t apply it. I said screw it, the deal is very good and we signed and bailed. The car had 85 miles on it when we picked it up.

Yea I’m having a hard time trying to hack the numbers and rebates. Apparently its a 23.5% discount from sticker…

Why does it say over 1400 cash due at signing?

No idea, they swiped my card for $362 today and that was it.

Correct, i have 23% off including the rebates.