2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Lease MONTH CLOSING SALE

Hello fellow hackr’s I’ve been apart of the community now going on 6 months and wanted to extend my thanks to the community local and out of state for giving me the opportunity to earn your business. Really i greatly appreciate the opportunity.

Till Friday I will be providing deal’s on all Older Stelvio Unit’s with with stock numbers start with AB(Older Units can now have carplay added for $450) on my website with payments below the benchmark 1% lease. ( The BEST deal’s are on TI units)
For Example: MSRP $53,540
24 month lease $510 a month 510 due at signing 23 months remaining 10k miles per year.

If you would please select a stock number and reach out to me I’m more than happy to put together a deal for you that ends both of our months on a great note!!

Thanks again for the continued support and business!!

P.S. if you are upside down on a purchase this is a great way to consolidate debit, get you out of debit sooner and right side up on your next lease/purchase.

Location: 400 w loop 820 south, 76108 Fort Worth Texas (TAX CREDIT’S AVAILABLE TO ALL RESIDENT’S)

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If I Have a “B” vin stelvio can I retrofit CarPlay at your dealership?

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I was told b vins can’t get CarPlay now after they promised it

I was told the same thing from my REP, low and behold it is now available. We’ve begun applying it to our inventory already.

How do Tax credits work? Asking for a Texan friend.

If you live in texas typically it is 6.25% sales tax. Certain banks give incentives for leasing such as tax credits making it 1.25% instead so your $2,600 tax is now $499 or $500. If you decide to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease you would pay taxes on the remaining balance.

It’s $450 to upgrade, not $200 like they told me?

Also the brochure when I bought it has CarPlay included standard with the larger screen, I heard you can call Alfa and they will waive the fee

Jrouleau426, I found out yesterday that we could add this as a dealer! Our Alfa Romeo Rep was telling us it wasn’t going to be available to add each time he came out. Turns out it is!

Added complimentary? Does it have to be done at the dealer you purchase from or any Alfa dealer?

I don’t know at the moment, currently my dealer is able to provide this service. I Can’t speak for other Alfa Romeo Dealers.

Just called your dealer. They indicated they are not retrofitting Stelvio’s with CarPlay, only Gulias. And for the Guilias, they have yet to receive the parts and it will the end of the year.

Is there a TSB for the retrofit?

The 2018 Giulia already comes with Car Play???

The TSB is for MY2017 and early build MY2018s Guiias built before 11/2017. It does not cover Stelvio. I am not sure why you post that it does, and why you suggest that your dealer is retrofitting Stelvio’s. Both are misleading.