2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Lease - Good deal or not?

Hey everyone,

My 2011 Audi S4 is getting old and needing a lot of maintenance (nothing crazy - needs brakes, about to hit 130K), and I’ve been lusting over Giulia’s for over a year now. I have absolutely no intention of owning one, but rather just taking a 27 month test drive, and not having to worry about out-of-warranty repairs, resale value, etc.

The dealer near me is getting really aggressive to clear all of the 2018’s off the lot to prevent what happened last year, when they have 20+ 2017’s left halfway through 2018.

So, here are the numbers:
2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Q4
MSRP: $47890
Autonation Discount: $9,457
Rebate: $2,750
Conquest: $500
Tax: $3,057
Documentation: $599 (Thanks Colorado)

Term: 27 Months
Mileage: 10K annually
Down Payment: $2,000

All In: $12,800



My credit: 808
Countered them at $400 if they include window tint and clearbra…I think they’ll say yes, but we’ll see.

Quick question, I dont know if its a good deal or not but seems pretty good.

Have you test drove it ???

I need a sports sedan or coupe, wondering if the Giulia compares to 330 340 and A4’s or even c300 c43.


How does the $2k DAS breakdown? Definitely looks on the more competitive side of Giulia Ti deals we’ve seen.

That’s not bad based on what I’ve seen in Norcal. See if you can push for higher mileage. Last month I was quoted $560 with a 2k drive off for 24 month/ 12k miles for similar MSRP car. If that dealership’s online inventory is accurate, they have only sold 1 Giulia all of last month. They got 20+ and I imagine they’re getting slightly nervous.

I’ve test driven it 3 times now haha.

Definitely not as fast or as poised as my S4, but it has a weird charm to it I cannot find in any other cars I’ve driven.

If you can get past the slightly lesser fit and finish, questionable reliability, and terrible dealer network, I think it’s a decent lease opportunity.

Long term ownership? Not a chance in hell.

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Don’t forget the dumpster-fire quality infotainment!

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Terrible deal. In Chicago last May I was looking at both the Giulia and the Stelvio.

After extensive negotiations got both down to $399 (24month, 10K) deals with $0 due at signing (DAS). Couldn’t fire the trigger at that price on the Giulia, it’s just too small and the Alfa reputation wasn’t helping. I did sign on the Stelvio at that price however. I understand my numbers are on fire but a reminder these numbers are not unheard of. Eventually took the last 2017 on their lot for $319 with $0 DAS. $800 lower MSRP but $5000 lower cost of ownership, even adjusting for the 3 extra months, I have you beat by $3900.

I totally agree with you about something being special about it. But at your price its too high. Also back seat is virtually non-existent. If you don’t live within 15 minutes of an Alfa/Maserati dealership hahaha, you better factor that into your purchase as well. Have had multiple hoses fail on me, multiple recalls needed to be performed and multiple electrical components fail on me. Also 2 flat tires. All covered under warranty but still a PITA to coordinate drop off and loaners etc.

Good to know - I’d ideally wait until the year turns to get a leftover '18, but I don’t want to risk having even slimmer pickings than I have now. Last year when I tried that, I had a choice of stripped down Sport, a decently equipped base model in Monza Red (looks decent in pics - terrible in reality), or a decked out Lusso in red (which they still have in stock), but I just don’t want red.

Where are you getting this $5K cost of ownership?

We have two dealers in the state, and both are atrocious. One is a Fiat/Alfa/McLaren Dealer, where they send the lowest performing salespeople to, and they don’t budge on price (offered me only 4K off a demo model). The other is Autonation, which seemingly can bend over backwards on pricing, but the dealer itself is a total afterthought…when you walk in, nobody is there and they have to call in salespeople from their neighboring Hyundai dealer to help out (they know nothing about the cars - just how to finance people with credit issues).

I understand what you are saying about availability of specific color/trim etc but I don’t think any of that is worth the extra cost. Click through the trophy garage and your will see lots of examples paying way less than you.

Your all in: $12,800
My all in ($319.99x24)= 7679.76
Difference = $5120.24

If you can get the car at your counter-offer with nothing down you are close to the examples I’ve personally seen and negotiated and also the examples I see in the trophy garage.

So now I’m royally confused…I asked for what’s entailed with the DAS, and they send me this:

Hello (DAS) if that is due at singing it would be the 2k down which includes your first month payment. As for the residual it is 52% at 27 month term. So that puts us at 434.77 per month with the 2k down with no tint or clear bra, We can add it but it will be 470 with them add to it. Let me know what works for you.

Why did my rate jump up so much?

Did you get the MF from them and plug all their numbers into a lease calculator? If nothing else changed, they’ve added ~$1000 into the deal somewhere to hit $434 and another $1000 into the deal to get you the clear bra and tint.

It will be with ally bank at a rate 1.52% the last had the residual at 54% not 52%

Tried the lease calculator and was getting astronomical/incorrect numbers

Brake by wire ??? Not sure I would love that in NYC. =(


I have no idea what your tax rate % is on a lease or what colorado charges for registration. However, a residual change of 2% would makeup the difference between the $400/month payment and a $434/month payment.

54% residual on a $47,890 MSRP = 25860.60

52% residual on a $47,890 MSRP = 24902.80

Difference = $957.80, or, $35/month over 27 months.

Did the rates change from November to December?

Found out what happened - I was quoted yesterday with a $2,750 rebate from the factory…the new quote does not have that.

Either that was a November rebate that ended, and the salesperson accidentally threw it on the quote, or the manager (who has now stepped in) is either forgetting or neglecting to include that incentive when he is quoting me.

Well - that doesn’t make a ton of sense. A swing of $2750 would have added $100/month to the payment if they took it out.

And, a residual change from 54-52% with the removal of a rebate would’ve added $135/month to the payment.

Like I said, something isn’t making sense.