2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia AWD - Chicago

Hi All,

Ive started the search for a new car for my wife and she has been enamored with the Giulia since we took one for a test drive last year. I got these number from a dealer in the Chicago area. Based on the current state of Giulia residuals, I don’t think it’s half bad.

Alfa Romeo Giulia AWD
MSRP: $47985
Selling Price (before rebates): $40735
Rebates: $2750
Term: 36/12k
MF: .00019
Residual: 47%
Doc Fee: $175.94
Reg, etc: $236
Tax: 7.25%

Payment (incl tax): $523.79 with $0 DAS or $494.44 with ~$1000 DAS

Doesn’t quite meet 1%, but this was their first offer so I feel that there might still be some wiggle room.

Let me know what you guys think!

EDIT: Updated fee structure

Here are the numbers in the calculator. Like I said, I’m unsure of the exact breakdown of the fees but my best guess based on their worksheet came out to essentially the same paymentr so I am pretty confident.

EDIT: Updated with correct fee structure

Reach out to @ralphsaphony he should be able to help… He posted some deals earlier this summer, August was good but I think September was not as flattering… He should know what numbers look like for October…

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I would love to hear an opinion from @ralphsaphony !

It seems like the residuals really fell through the floor in September, which is coincidentally the month my wife decided that she no longer wanted to keep her Mazda “forever” and wanted something new :roll_eyes:

FWIW, the numbers the dealer gave me for MF, RV, and incentives exactly match those I got from Edmund’s.

Looks pretty good, I’ll know from my alfa dealer tomorrow about leases and can shoot you a message here if you’d like!

That would be great, thanks!

Sorry I don’t have a Giulia that cheap however for a 51k Lusso you can do $555/Mo $0 DAS

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Thank for the reply, but I think the Lusso is going to be a bit over our budget. I’m trying to stay below $500 with no or minimal drive offs.

I asked the dealer to quote me for 15k miles as well and based on their response I will see if I can push a little more.

UPDATE: After inquiring about 15k miles per year and a little more back and forth, the dealer came back with the following:

MSRP: 47985
Selling Price: 40367
Term: 36/15k
DAS: $1000
Monthly (incl tax): $515.11

We actually ended up signing a lease for a Mazda 6 Signature instead (will make a new thread with that deal), but I don’t think this ended up being a terrible number for 15k miles per year. I was really pushing to get below $500 for 15k but this seemed to be the lowest they would go.

For your reference I leased a brand new Maserati Ghibli for $542 a month 12k/36 with $1,400 DAS…

This is not a good deal by any stretch even with 15k miles.

For Alfa’s it’s not absolutely terrible.

I got a 489/mo 1350 DAS on a 49,640. Is that good compared to other makes and models? No but for Alfa it’s not bad.

He went with the Mazda so it’s not worth comparing to completely different cars.

Thanks for your feedback, that is definitely a great price on a nice car. But that was also 2 years ago, on a different car, in a different part of the country.

I don’t claim to be a professional Hackr or that this was the best deal in the country, but I also haven’t seen many comparable deals (at least not outside of SoCal) on the Giulia since the RVs tanked for September.

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Congrats and enjoy your car!

That sounded like a pretty good deal on the Giulia in this market at this time.
Have fun with your new Mazda!