2018 Acura RDX Lease Incentives Question

Hi All,

I’m about to pull the trigger on a 2018 Acura RDX AWD with technology package and AcuraWatch. I got the residual and MF from the dealership, verified it wasn’t inflated, and ran some numbers. The dealer and I came to an agreement on the number. The sales price of the vehicle was based on the true car value (about an 8-9% discount on MSRP). I feel comfortable with the amount and the discount, so I left a refundable deposit on the vehicle.

Over this weekend, I found that Acura is offering a $2,750 incentive on the vehicle. After including the incentive, my monthly payment calculations dropped significantly. However, the dealer is saying the incentive was already included in my lease quote.

The dilemma is this: the dealer gave me a quote of $XXX per month which they claim already included the incentive. I came to the same $XXX per month based on the true car quote they gave me, but without knowing about the incentive. They did not tell me about the incentive, I found it online and they only confirmed it after I asked. Now, after adding the incentive, I believe my payment should be $YYY, since the sales price is lower. Am I wrong in believing we should renegotiate based on my new information, and walk away with a refund if we can’t come to an agreement?


Acura tends to do incentives so they go to the dealer and the dealer passes it along to you as a lowered sale price. All you can do at this point is try to lower the sale price.

Should I be expecting to lower the sales price to the original value (38,XXX) or the original value plus the incentive (36,XXX)

Email a couple of dealers with the deal you want and see if anyone will bite

You know it’s the last year of the body style right in the summer of this year the 2019 comes out unless you are getting a great deal I would not get a 18 Rex acura is way behind in technology I owned a 15 MDX

@Empirestate I am aware. The car is not actually for me, it’s for a family member. Their lease is ending before the new RDX will hit showrooms. I’m trying to push for an aggressive deal since they are older and behind the segment on everything.

That’s why many on here always negotiate for a sales price BEFORE any incentives/rebates.

Assuming an MSRP of $39k, a 10% discount is $3,900. So there is actually a $2750 incentive which means the dealer is selling the car to you at only $1,150 discount which is around $1600 over the invoice price. You are leaving too much money on the table. This is a horrible deal. Given the available incentive you should be able to easily get 18% MSRP. Please remember the new RDX will come out in summer, so anything less than 18-20% discount is not a good deal.