2018 Accord 2.0T Sport worth leasing now?

Hi experts!

I know that the Honda Accord doesn’t lease well when compared to other cars like the BMW 3 series, MB C class, or Audi A3/4 (especially retired loaners) in terms of MF and RV… but now that the Accord is struggling to sell (relative to what it usually does) would it be good time to try to lease one now?

The 2018 Accord Sport 2.0t currently sits at:

.00110 MF
57% residual
No incentives ($1k for EX-L and up)
No military/college

I’m going into Honda dealership tomorrow to test drive and go through some numbers but was wondering if it’s even worth going if I know I won’t be able to get a good deal no matter what due to these figures. Sure I can negotiate the end sale price to help offset that but is it worth all the work? Or should I spend this time working up a loaner from BMW/Audi/MB which will come out about the same per month (roughly after looking through threads).

I’m here in VA, so sales tax hurts me so much… reason why I went with the Accord for the lower price which will help with tax.

Trying to stay around $350 or so with no money down.

My other option might be Legacy.

Any input will be appreciated!

Ok never mind… $350 is tough when I consider tax to be included per month for any luxury loaners. Not including property tax come October.

Might be worth looking at the Acura TLX instead, especially if you’re in NoVA/DMV area - with current incentives, you should be able to get down to the $350 range (or lower) with $0 down (or first month down only). You should be able to get a TLX i4 Tech or possibly a V6 tech on a 2018 with current incentives.

I have a couple sales people I’m happy to recommend at two very large dealerships in the DMV. I prefer one over the other (less pressure/better communication). Got my parents into a TLX lease at one of these dealerships and it was worth the drive from CT for them to get the price point they got at the time.

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Accord leases still suck.

For $350/mo+tax, you can get into $52,000 Q50 Hybrid (in SoCal).

Why would you want an Accord when $350 can get you that?

ETA: sorry, just noticed you’re in VA so harder to get a luxury car for cheap. I’d try for a Sonata, they are being given away.

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If you have recommendations please let me know! Many people here have also said TLX could be an option (or Q50) so I’m open to it!

Leasing in VA means you should aim for lowest purchase price so you can have lowest taxes as possible… which means luxury cars must be dealt super well so that monthly can be reasonable. I envy all the CA people and their trophy garage stories

DMV is a tough market - trust me I know. You really need to work the deal (by email and phone). For MB loaners, try Annapolis. Let me know if you need a point of contact. Also the doc fee in MD is lower than VA.

For Honda, try Sport, Tysons and Landmark. They give out quotes by email.