2018 A4 Premium Plus - offer or wait for summer?

I have the following quote for an A4 Quattro Premium Plus, black optic, sport package
MSRP 47,125
36/12k lease
Calculator attached which is close but not exact due to not having all fees right, but stated payment is 1000 down (including 1st payment and fees), then 35 payments at 538, so this is pretty close:
Selling price 43,826 (7% off), and another 2000 lease cash rebate.

I can wait until summer - but the question is if deals will get better with Summer of Audi. Dealer is telling me the RV’s will drop … but I’m not sure how that will balance with higher incentives.
Actually, I would rather wait until June if I can match/beat the deal then.

I know Audi doesn’t lease real well, but I’m a bit happier with that than the other cars I’ve driven so far.

Thanks for any thoughts.