2018 340 Xdrive NEW 0 DAS 394/month

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Just worked out this deal for my friend. About 15% off MSRP before any incentives,plus they waive the bank fee and keep the MF .00177. Not easy in PNW.

2018 BMW 340 Xdrive

MSRP: $54,885

Sales Price: $46,793



$6750 total rebate

NO MSDS .00177


Payment 394 after 10% tax.

0 drive off.



Hi - this is an awesome deal and I would love to have one. Is it still valid? And I am in east coast, would that be an issue?


Beautiful job. Well done!

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Killer deal! Nice work

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Just out of curiosity, how did they do that?

Don’t think there is a issue, but you need take a flight here. I thought the prices in your region is more aggressive?

The final quote shows 0.00177. I think the MF was up but they played the number a bit. Like more dealer discount to pay the extra interest?

BTW, there is another loaded 340 ~ 60k from another dealership. Pm me if interested, I am not a broker, just provide my help in return to this community. Thanks

Interesting! Either way, great work!

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Awesome deal, especially for the PNW

Any deal is valid…provided you find a dealer willing to play.

Great deal on a great car huarsenal. I got close to that here in FL. Mine was $57k MSRP (non X drive, which is what I wanted here in FL) and on the same 24/10 term, I ended at ~$397 PLUS tax (~$425 total) with $0 DAS, but WITH 7 MSDs. I think even accounting for the ~$2k difference in MSRP (which at the insanely high residuals on these cars amounts to ~$700 over the lease term, or maybe ~$29/mo) you might have out negotiated me by a couple of bucks a month! Plus, you avoided MSDs.

Nice job:100:

Thanks! You did a good Job also. just need to try waive the bank fee if you can, for short term lease it worth it, and I found some sales don’t even know that.

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They ate the bump on the money factor(ie .0005), sounds like this dealer was very motivated to sell this car. Best time to get a 2018 bmw is right now


Why is this a good thing?


How did the $6,750 rebate breakdown?

It was 5000 lease credit+ 750 loyalty + 1000OL.

Lucky lucky lucky on that $1000 OL! I could only get the $5750, so I had to grind for the MSRP discount.

In my case, the MSDs returned ~17%, which to me is certainly a very worthwhile investment, so I did them.

Which part of PNW is this? I would live to get a deal close to what you got. Thanks