2018 330i xDrive $385

2018 330i xDrive

MSRP $47260
Selling Price $41895
Rebates $3500 (lease $3000 credit, $500 fleet)
Down Payment 0
Due at signing $3336
36 months/10k miles
RV 61%
Sales Tax 6.625
MF 0.00166

Monthly payment $385

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Looks pretty decent. What state? is selling price after Rebates, and why so much DAS?

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NJ. Selling price is before $3000 rebate but not sure about fleet.
Tax upfront $1229 included in DAS
BMW acquisition fee $925 non-negotiable. Doc was way high… $700, wiggle room there I’m sure.
Definitely, room to get a much better deal by lowering fees and add-ons. Don’t cap them if you want to keep monthly payments low.

looks like a great deal have how many mileages did the car have?

New car. Not a loaner.