2018 330i Maryland lease deal

Hello Leasehackr,

I would greatly appreciate your input for the following car lease deal I was given.


2018 330i xdrive sedan

Trade in 2015 328i xdrive
Agreed upon value: 20,000
Net trade in value: - 586.36

MSRP: $ 52,844.16
Cap cost reduction: 3000
Adjusted cap reduction: 49,844.16
Residual value: 31,964.00
Depreciation amount: 17,880.16
Money factor: 0.000166
Rent charge: 4,888.76
Total of base monthly: 22,768.92
Monthly: 632.47

Sales tax 6%

You putting 3000 down? Looks bad.

No dealer discount other than lease credit? Pass.

Don’t pay 630/month for a 330! With a new 3 Series coming out in a few months, dealers should be motivated to move remaining 2018s. You need a much bigger dealer discount. Also, take a look at service loaners. DC-area BMW dealers generally have big loaner fleets, and several of them list decent prices on their websites. For reference, I leased a $56k 330i xDrive loaner in December for $248/month plus tax ($318 including VA tax) on a 24-month/10k lease with just the first payment due at signing. That was a right-place-right-time end-of-year deal. There may be more great deals to be had on leftover 2018s when the 2019 hits the ground. If you need a car now, something in the 300s before tax should be doable on a loaner. Here are a couple with big advertised discounts. I think the discounts already include the $2,000 lease credit, but you should be able to add on loyalty.




The down payment was $5000 which is included in the monthly payment to 632.47

Thank you for the information!
The marked down price is after the $1000 loyalty credit and $3000 rebate apparently.
The purchase is done and buyers remorse has been set in. I’ll just have to understand the game and be smarter for the next time.

It looks like you essentially paid full MSRP with the “discount” being the rebates.

Live and learn. Come here first next time. I hate to say you got taken to the cleaners, but unfortunately, you did.

Nothing you can do now other than hope they screwed up the contract somehow and BMW rejects it causing an unwind of the deal.

Enjoy the car at least.

Appreciate the straight honesty.
It has been 3 days since the contract was signed and it has not been rejected by BMW. I’m guessing they did a good job with the contract along with cleaning me out.

Ah, I didn’t realize the deal was already done. It’s possible they gave you more than your trade was worth in lieu of discounting the new car. Depending on mileage and options, it looks like KBB puts the trade-in value for a 2015 328i xDrive the $14-17k range, and you got $20k. Between that and MD tax on the full sales price, the deal might be better than it looked at first glance.

In any event, enjoy the car!

I got a 2018 330i with Convenience Package for $370/mo tax included with 1k out of pocket

Im not sure if you can see the image of the car specs. This one has convenience and luxury package. Way too many bells and whistles than i would generally care for. Either ways it’s a nice ride so far.