2018/2019 Toyota 4Runner

Hello all.
I’m looking for any deals or tips to get myself into a 4Runner TRD Pro. I dont think the price per month is much different than an SR5. if its negligible i’d rather get the TRD Pro.

Year: 2018 or 2019
Make, Model, and Trim: [Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro (black) or SR5 (white) 4x2 ]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: Location: anywhere between Charleston South Carolina - and Orlando, FL. ( FL preferred I think the sales tax is much cheaper)

I have gone to one dealer and they gave me the following on a 2019 4Runner SR5 4X2
MSRP: 36,169
Sale Price 31,669
36mo/12k yr
MF: .00239
Residual 64%
0 Down @ $ 660 a month.

I obviously left. Anybody able to share their deals they’ve got, or any dealers out there wanna chime in?

660 for a 36k car. That is beyond horrible.

You’ll be lucky to buy a pro at msrp. Most dealers are $5-10k over Msrp.

TRD Pro lease is terrible

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If you like the one you posted consider buying it. On that lease you’ll be paying 23k over 36 months. I highly doubt it won’t be worth more than 8k in 3 years (31-23)

Why would the price be the same, when the TRD Pro not only stickers for much more, but also goes over MSRP?

I did not know they stick at MSRP. I figured they’d blowout a year old truck on a lease or something.

If you could even buy a pro on msrp I’d say jump on it

Im also open to the SR5 as well. I just know 660 is just straight robbery I dont know what they were thinking.

I just know when I leased my Tacoma, the Sport was not much more than the SR5. I was just assuming the 4runners were kind of the same

+1 to buy. This is a car that doesn’t change much through the years, enjoy it for a while. The incentives to lease just aren’t there. Paying 64% msrp over three years to borrow a car is painful.

TRD Pros are a whole nother beast, you can’t compare a taco sport and SR5 and expect a Pro to lease the same.

That’s like thinking an M5 is going to lease the same cause you saw a 330i and 340i for similar yada yada you get the point.

That deal on the 4runner non pro is terrible.

Even shipping we can smoke it from Boston :slight_smile:

@Bostoncarconcierge I fly for free… send me some details.

Heres an example of an SR5 Prem w roof

You HAVE to get them to show you the worksheet on that. Interest and depreciation alone is $370. Would love to know where the other $290 is coming from.