2017 Yukon XL or Escalade ESV

Looking to get out of my X5 lease and into one of these beast. Im new in here but looks like some pretty good insight. Any help is welcomed. That being said I would like 4x4 and SLT or Denali, as I need the MAX tow package to be able to tow my Trailer of 6k lbs.

Is it best to wait to the end of the year for the best deals to be rolled out? What kind of deals have you seen recently?



I have seen no lease deals on those things. My opinion is if you are going to shell out the big bucks for that Denali, you may as well go all the way and just get the Escalade.

Yeah thanks, thats my feeling too. At that point what a few more dollars? Maybe end of year?

If I’m not mistaken the residuals are terrible on the Escalade at about 53% for 10K/36 and thus, even with $10,000 or more off MSRP (perhaps up to 15% or more discount), the vehicle leases badly.

$7200 Rebate on Escalade Leases if you get conquest and a rate of under 2%… Yukons have far less rebates and rates around 4%

2017 Suburban LT 4x4

Lux pack, 2nd row Buckets seats, Z71 package

RV 59% = 38,800

MF = .00167