2017 X5 35i help with fair lease

I just received the initial price online from the dealer. It’s very high and I’m looking for advice on what would be a fair/good lease.

My dealer just sent me the first quote,

2017 BMW X5 35i
M sport
MSRP 70,720
Selling price 65,277
Residual 55%
Money Factor .00192
36 mo 15k
$3000 down
$942 per month

Seems like I should ask for a lower selling price and lower MF. Any help with what would be fair is appreciated.

Yup. MF is marked up the max. from 0.00152. Also, for a leftover 2017 model, your discount off MSRP should be ~14% or higher. Selling price should be at most, $60,819 or less.

Finally, what does the $3,000 down consist of? Make sure you get a break-down.


Thanks for the tips. I’ll look into what’s included in the down payment and will negotiate the MF and selling price.