2017 VW Jetta S quote from dealer

Hi everyone,

I just discovered this site, grateful to have done so before I go sign anything!

The lease on my '14 Jetta S is about to mature, so I’ve been given these numbers for a 2017 Jetta S with cold weather package, first aid kid and the rubber mats:

This is for a 3 year/36k lease on a 2017 Jetta S automatic

  • invoice price (after $820 destination fee and $150 “VW local marketing assessment”) : $19,755.00

  • MSRP: $20,480.00

  • Cap cost/ sale price offered by dealership: $18,005.00

    • Sales tax: $665.77
      -dealer/state fees: $277.50
  • Total cap cost/sale price: $18,948.27

  • Residual value: $10,845.90

  • Monthly payment: $248.80 “sign and drive”

Does this seem in-line? Numbers seem a bit high for some reason. Haven’t been quoted the MF by dealer but my credit hovers between 700-720.

Thank you for your insight and advice.

Edit: any incentives/dealer cash out there?

Also, this quote is AFTER some “VW partner program” I get through my job that entitles us to $500 below invoice in addition to any current offers/incentives

You should be able to do much better than that on sale price. I was able to get them to go down to $4600 under MSRP on my Jetta Sport a few months ago.

Your credit score might be an issue for the mf though. I’m fairly certain the cutoff for top tier is 740.

Thanks jmac. Wow sounds like you did well with your deal. You’re right, people aren’t exactly dying to buy VW right now. Should be able to do better.

How do you like the Jetta sport?

I’ll follow up after meeting with the dealer tomorrow.

I would wait until after second week of november or at least until november numbers come out because law suit just filled and they will have a ton of new incentives to try to win back all of the buy back customers

I’ll second Jmac. I just leased a Sport in September and got the dealer down $4200 under MSRP (about $17.9K before TTL) so you can surely do better on an ‘S’ if you shop around.

Watch carefully what the dealer does with the MF. When it was determined that my credit score fell just below A-tier, the dealer used that change in the deal to DOUBLE the MF. When I reminded them that VW’s B-tier MF only added .00030 to the A-tier MF, the quoted payment mysteriously came down.

Anyways, the Sport is a great little car and a blast to drive with the stick shift. Best thing is, since VW is hurting right now there are plenty of good deals out there. Be patient and shop around. Good luck!

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I love the Sport. It doesn’t necessarily feel sporty since I was coming from a vehicle with a V8, but I like the different exterior styling, leather seats, push button start, and nav system with Sirius radio/traffic and apple car play.

It actually looks like they get rid of the Sport trim for 2017, but it was between the SE and SEL.

Wow. Thanks mkhan and Scott. Scott sounds like they tried to pull one over on you, surprise surprise :slight_smile: I’ll take my time since I still have 2 payments left on current lease, worth it if it’ll save some cash. I appreciate everyone’s #s too as that’s what it’s all about

So I went into the dealership today for a test drive of a '17 Jetta S (auto w/ cold weather package) and some numbers. Here’s where we ended up. This is with the dealer factoring the $460 I owe for the 2 lease payments left on my old Jetta:

-MSRP: $20,480

-“Savings” : $3,000

-Cap cost: $17,480.00

-sales tax: $642.84

-dealer/state fees: $277.50

  • TOTAL price: $18,400.34

Monthly payment for 3/36k: $246.78

I like the car, but this is more than what I’m paying for the 3/36 lease on my '14 Jetta S. What am I missing here? Why would they only come down about $500 on the cap cost?

They’ve come down to almost 15% off, which isn’t bad for a brand new model. The 20% off we were getting on the 2016s over the summer may not be possible anymore. You can check truecar or similar services to see what they are typically discounting in your area.

That being said, the payment still seems really high. Find out what the mf is and see if it’s correct for 2nd tier credit. You can get the current mf by asking in the edmunds forums.

Once you find out what the Tier B MF should be, shop the offer you have around to every other VW dealer in your area. Using email will work for this and you’ll find out quickly if you can do better.

Just for fun, I put your numbers into the lease calculator and, for a 36/12K lease at 54% residual and a .00040 MF (.00010 Tier A plus .00030 penalty for Tier B), I came up with a payment of about $246/mo. This assumes only 1st payment due at drive-off with all other fees/taxes rolled in.

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Definitely wait for November on VW. Also since you’re so close to the end of your lease I would just wait in order to avoid rolling payments, no sense in spending extra money if you don’t have to, plus you have the added bonus of Nov and Dec being the best time of the year to deal on outgoing model years and old stock.

Thank you for all the info and advice guys. I’ll let you know what happens. Still checking out the '16 Subaru Impreza i as well.