2017 VW GTI Lease

Getting curious again on GTI leases; thought deals might sweeten up at year-end. Also saw VW is promoting sign and drive event.

I’d be looking at a 2017 SE or Autobahn in DSG; believe current MF is .00202, residual at 60%.

Any thoughts/opinions? Has anyone leased one as of recent?

I looked into it throughout most of the year, ended up settling on a BMW 340i instead.

Best thing I could find for 36 months was ~340/mo with ~$1000 drive off. Basically they lease only as well as their money factor allows them too. Earlier in the year the money factor was closer to 0.000083, more recently, 0.00115, at .00202 that means that your payment is almost $40 more simply due to the increase from .00115 to .00202.

FWIW my 340i was 349.50/mo and $1350 drive off, for 24 months.

Long story short, it’s an awful time to lease a GTI.

for which trim were those numbers associated? yeah I did notice the big jump in MF even from last month on Edmunds.

doesn’t seem like there’s ever a good time to lease a GTI though will say for leasing, the BMW you bought is what I would’ve expected for that payment. yet again, I might just move on from this idea altogether.

I think the MF is too high and the residual is too low. Golf R residuals are at 69% with a .00275 (marked up MF), realistically they should be at .00202, but like someone else said, unless you have to have a VW lease, i would never touch one until the numbers are better

I’m looking at A3’s now, also may revisit the is200t. Will probably fare better on either one over the GTI