2017 VW GLI's - Excellent numbers this month! (~$200/month)

Working on a deal for a 17 GLI DSG from a local dealer, leases are good this month because of the low MF on the GLI as well as a good residual. This is with $0 out of pocket as well. Numbers on the 16 and 17 GTI are much worse. Here is the breakdown:

MSRP: $30,235
Discounts: -$7,300 (includes lease cash, dealer discount, trade in credit (they’re paying off my current 14 GLI lease, and VPP discount)
Selling Price: $23,158
Down Payment:$1,729 ($0 from me, it’s $1500 in rebates [VW loyalty ($1000) + college grad ($500)] plus 1st payment made by VW Sign and Drive - they are rebates, not incentives so they go as a down payment)
Residual: 59%
Term: 36 months @ 12k/yr
MF - .00020
Tax - 6.25% on the selling price of the car (stupid TX), all rolled into the lease.
Monthly payment - $215/month

Very solid deal, just working on some last minute things with them. Even if you don’t qualify for all the incentives, you can still get a pretty good deal on a solid, fun to drive car. If you live in most other states where tax is calculated on the monthly payment, you could easily have a sub $200 payment, even better on a manual GLI.


Just an update on the car, I chose to go to a different dealer. In my case, the price on the car isn’t as low as the dealer I originally posted about, but they aren’t lowballing me on my trade, so the numbers work out much better. I will share the exact breakdown after I have the paperwork in hand Saturday when I pick it up :slight_smile:

I’m going to end up rolling ~$1400 in negative equity into the car and I’m paying about $1,000 for the dealer to swap my stock parts back on the car (they worked me a great rate on the labor, it will be far under that and they’ll cut me a check for the difference). Even still, the car is $299/month, $0 down, all taxes and fees rolled in. All the rebates and incentives really helped me on this. The car would be about $250/month otherwise and even cheaper if you went with a manual.

For reference, the same deal on a 17 GTI Sport is around $410/month. Horrible MF (.00202 for tier A).

If you want a good deal on the car, shoot me a PM and I’ll tell you where to go. I went to these guys from Austin and I definitely got the best deal in Houston, the dealers in Austin just weren’t willing to deal.

Did both dealers offer the same MF on the GLI?

Requested a lease quote from dealer after price shopping and it came in at $261, but waiting on detailed / itemized breakdown of how they got there.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about the gTi, not the Jetta gLi, correct?

He’s talking about both Golf GTI’s and Jetta GLI’s, the GLI being the one with the better MF giving him the low price. He was also commenting on how bad the GTI’s MF’s are and in this case i agree with the acronym of mother fuckers for VW :grinning:

Golf R was similar MF (higher actually, but the residuals were much higher also)

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Ah ha, thanks for the clarification!

Yes, same MF - .00020 for Tier A.

Sorry, I see how it could be confusing. The deal I’m working is for a GLI.

I can’t find the pm button, but I am looking for a Jetta S in Houston. Could you tell me who you’re dealing with? Thanks!

@phillipjg PM’d. Future reference: click on the person’s name, then click the Message button.

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Can you itemize the Discounts please?

How much was the lease cash?
How much was the dealer discount?
How much was the trade-in credit?
And how much was the VPP discount?

I would be interested in trying to replicate this but I need to know how much of that discount was for what.

Thank you in advance.

I’ll have the final numbers on Saturday, but I believe this is mostly accurate:

Lease cash: $1,250
Dealer discount: $2,950

Total discounts: $4,200

Trade-in credit: $1,000
VW loyalty: $1,000
VPP: $500

Total incentives: $2,500

All discounts and incentives: $6,700

I’ll get final numbers for you guys on Saturday.

This is an eyechart, but struggling to get close to these numbers in IL. I thought someone more familiar with VW leases may be able to chime in on where the disconnect is. MF and residual are the same as viperboy.

Initial cap cost - $25,434.34
sales tax on monthly in IL

Numbers are a bit tough to see, but it looks like you’re only getting ~$4700 off the car. Not sure what the breakdown of the initial cap cost is and what rebates you’re getting, but that’s why you’re off.

With tax imposed on the monthly payment, what line items typically slot between initial cap cost and adjusted cap cost? Acquisition fee, dealer doc fees, and plates?

With the current sign and drive event shouldn’t the acquisition fee be $0?

I’m not sure of your first question, but I think Sign and Drive only waives the security deposit and pays the first payment. other fees aren’t covered by sign and drive.

Were you ever able to get the final numbers? Thanks!

Yup, bought the car Saturday! Here is what the numbers were:

Notes: Trade allowance was $16,130. Dealer was able to buy the car from VW for $17,516 ($100 more than the payout, transfer fees and such). So that was rolled into the price.

I also negotiated some work for them to do on my trade that would cost $275-$400 (waiting for the final number), but I had them add in $1,000 to the lease and I get a refund of the difference (eg. $1,000 - $400 for the work, I get a check for $600)

The rebate was from the $1,000 trade-in rebate and the first payment, I didn’t actually put anything down.

Taxes were @ 6.25% on the selling price of the car (stupid TX)

Aftermarket of $129 was for VIN etching on the windows. Didn’t have any idea about that until they did it and charged me for it, oh well.

I also chose to add in the wear and tear coverage ($590) on the car again. That bumped the lease to $316.12. Just wanted to have the same piece of mind and $10k of coverage on the car if I turned it in with damage after the lease.

But if I wouldn’t have gotten wear and tear, didn’t have ~$1,400 in negative equity, and didn’t add in $1,000 for dealer work/refund, the car would have been somewhere around $225/month ($2,400 would have affected the lease payment ~$71/month), and that’s still a damn good deal for this car. I’m happy with the payments and I think I got a good deal, payments even after the $2,400 I added in meet the “1% under MSRP” rule.

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Where is the lease incentives, dealer discount, VPP discount advertised? I don’t see any offers on their site.

VPP I found out through work.

Incentives I found on Edmunds and confirmed with the dealer. The dealer determined the discount they were willing to take off the car.