2017 Volvo XC60 leftovers

There have been so many threads here on the S90s but very few on the XC60s. With Volvo releasing a redesigned car for 2018, I would expect the leftover 2017s to get cheaper soon.

Has anyone here gotten good pricing on one? The target for the S90s was about 12% below MSRP before incentives. But that’s an unpopular sedan and this is in the hot crossover market. I’m topping out at about 8% which with incentives only gets to $485 before tax on a $51K car.

The 2018s are starting to hit dealer lots, so are bigger incentives coming?

Check their RV on Edmunds :slight_smile: Deals are bad, but discount should be way more than 8% off.
36/15 numbers; add 2% for 12K
T5 DYN AWD - .00015 and 44%; $6750 lease incentives
T6 DYN AWD - .00001 and 45%; $7250 lease incentives

I agree that I should be getting more than 8%! But what are dealers actually willing to give right now is the question.

You won’t know until you ask, so try for 12-15% if you’ll be happy with the final payments.

On a 2017 Volvo XC60 T6 AWD Inscription with an MSRP of $51,295, 14% off MSRP (now $44,000) and apply the untaxed incentive of $7250, MF of .00001 and 47% RV (36/12k), I’m calculating $432 zero drive off. Does that sound right?

I meant taxed incentives - not untaxed***

Sounds like it’s in the neighborhood but it depends how much in registration and fees are capped. Is it a true $0 drive off or first month due at delivery? Is $44,000 what you are being offered currently before incentives?

Is the dealer telling you that the incentives are taxable? In my experience rebates are taxed, but allowances and incentives just reduce the selling price on the lease contract. That’s how it was when I was pricing out the S90. Only the Costco rebate showed up on the quotes as taxable.

I have not gone yet. Just looking at forums on here. I would like to go tomorrow…just doing my homework beforehand. I also see great deals on leftover 2017 S60’s…even more discounts than the XC60

Can you advise on this deal… money factor is high but had an issue last year that i assume is driving it up.

MSRP: $50,125
Discounts: $11,858
Res 47%
MF .00165
Tax, Lic, fees $4500
Mnthly $461

Seemingly bad
Your state?

All fees in the $4500

Update: New Numbers -

MSRP: $50,125
Discounts: $11,858 - 23.6%
Res 44%
MF .00165
Acquisition Fee: $995
Reg fees: $497
Sales/title fees: $160

Lease Hacker Score 7.1

Love some help!!

Those numbers look the same, just the terms changed (15k now vs 10k before). Or did your drive-off change from $4500 to $160? I don’t see how that changed when the sales price and MF are the same as before.

I looked into it but what the dealer offered was worse than the volvo website offer on a 2018 XC which is much nicer so I just didn’t bother.

MSD’s used?