2017 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum TX $59,175 MSRP/36m/10K/417$ + tax

Hi All,

I picked up a clearance 2017 Volvo S90 T6 momentum before the Christmas. I should probably report it earlier, as I did got a lot of useful information from here. But we went out travelling for the break and just have chance to post the deal.

Below are the details.

MSRP $59,175
Selling Price: $41,700 (with all the rebate from dealer, A-plan, HSE, etc)
Money Factor: 0.00036 (with 7 MSD)
Residual Value: 47%
Term: 36 Months
10K miles per year

Because TX charge tax on selling price, so my tax is 2629.69$ (damn it!). Monthly payment incl. tax is $490. Due at signing is $3,920 (3,430$ MSD + 1st payment $490).

I think the RV is not right, but I accept the deal anyway as this is the only dealer in 100 miles can do sub 500$ payment on the vehicle. If I really love the car after 3 years, I may consider the buyout option, so low RV is fine with me.

I know this deal is not as insane as those in November last year, but this is the best I can achieve. And I am very satisfied.

I attached the invoice and some pics of the car here for you.


Don’t buy, just lease another one if you like it.

It’s a good deal, I’ve seen many years others on here struggle getting a decent payment in TX. That tax deal really screws you guys over with leasing. But it definitely looks pretty sharp in those pics.

Quixk note, in your heading you have this listed as S60 not S90.

Thanks a lot for pointing out the typo in the title!

I agree tax in tx screw a lot the leasing process. For example, if you do buyout of the car after the lease, you will need to pay the sales tax again even you have already pay the tax for selling price upfront.

Congrats on the deal. Ultimately you got 30% off a $59K car, even if someone found a better deal you’re happy and with the tax situation its still a reasonable payment.

I feel your pain since the situation in Maryland is very similar. What color is the interior?

The interior color is blonde.

Before I never thought I could do ~0.8% of MSRP monthly payment incl. tax for a lease, so I have no complaints. Plus the car has the color combo I want and almost all the option I need (except for a heated steering wheel), very happy with the car and enjoy driving it.

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Congrats on the car. Heated steering wheel and black colored car in TX? Do you park it in a garage during the day? At least the blond interior will help with summer heat a bit.

Man, Heck of a deal. How did you get it 18k off MSRP?

I’m not really sure. I didn’t negotiate on selling price, mf, rv, etc. instead I just try to make final payment under 500$ and let dealer figure out the details.

I think last month Volvo has around $11,000 rebate on S90, the rest could be dealer discount on 2017 inventory.

We just experienced a hard freeze here in TX, it could get pretty cold during winter. And I have cold hands, so I really wish the car has heated steering wheel

Yeah, this winter has been crazy. Two gulf coast snows already. The beaches in my state have more snow than we do inland by a long shot. And we just broke a record for number of consecutive hours below freezing in central NC.

Of course TX has no income taxes. I seem to come out ahead that way.

Accessories = window tinting?

DeMontrond seems to be a good outfit. Recommended.