2017 Volvo S90 T6 AWD Momentum- suggestions

Good morning dear hackrs.
(Or as I like to think of you guys- the reason I don’t sleep at night because of the excitement at the numbers I see).

I was offered a deal yesterday, which seems a bit sub-par to the other posts I see, so I was wondering where I could improve, where have I made a misstep!

This is a loaner car with under 4k miles on it.
2017 Volvo S90 T6, AWD

Retail is: 59,205
Amount off: 19,447
Leaving with 39,758
After tax and fees, comes up to 43,332.20.

The offer I got is 3,500 downpayment
Monthly: $400 after tax for 36m/10k miles

So where do I get to cut these lower?

Looking forward to your responses =)

Don’t tell that to @Ursus. He also cannot sleep at night thinking about Volvos and Subarus :slight_smile:

Did you check this post

If you are in the tristate I have a few '17 loaners. I could run pricing for you, assuming a plan

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Unfortunately California. Tri-state is quite a drive for me =)

This topic is exactly why I don’t understand why my numbers vary so much. I’m rather new at this and don’t know where to apply pressure for similar results.

There is more to be had, it should be the 400 w/ out the down payment.

If he doesn’t have a-plan - it’s $3K more right there, so he’s off by $500.

ASk them for their pricing break down like residual value, money factor and we will show you how to lower the payment … Also if you are in Cali, why is your tax and fees upfront so high (3.6k) almost 10% of the sales price? Taxes are paid monthly not on the whole lease …

So I do have costco membership and he is aware of it, I asked to include that. The 3k- does that go into a price drop or is it a ‘return’ from Costco?

Yesterday he gave me a residual of 47%-
Reached out to him to get the numbers again including everything else you mentioned. Should be able to post back soon.

Costco doesn’t count as a plan

So, to be honest I’m not fully aware of what a plan is in this case. Could you explain?

Its what costco use to give you, but the program ended. Its the 3k rebate.

Do a quick search, I didn’t know about it till I came here and researched it. The skinny is that it’s essentially a corporate discount your company signed up and gives you additional rebates/savings, it also sets the initial selling price at invoice. That way you start negotiating at lower price. The 2017 S90 is part of the program but discounts are greater on the 2018.

I have looked at the preset pricing page on the site and I just can’t figure out the numbers they have posted and calling customer service was zero help. So someone else have to help you understand that…

One thing to note is that if your company isn’t part of the program you can join to be a member of the VCOA (Volvo car club of America) for access. It’s a no-brainer, $45 membership and you get access to the A-plan.

Lastly, I am pretty sure about most of this info, there seems to be some incomplete info floating around. So someone can either confirm or correct or please share if you know anything different :+1:

Ok, I finally got the numbers here.
This is based off of a printed sheet he gave me and a couple of tidbits I asked based on your suggestions:

Going off a 36 month 10k/year base

MSRP: 59,205
Discount 19,447
Sale Price 39,758
Residual 47%: 27,135.35 (Which should be 27,826.35 based on his 47%)

Fees: 486.75
Sales Tax: 3,087.45 (Should be 3,081.25)

Money Factor: 0.00036
Tax Where I live: 7.75%

Payment offers on the sheet:
1k down/469.42 a month
2500 down/ 425.19 a month
3500 down/ 395.72 a month

Now that I have all these numbers- the lease calc shows smaller monthly payments- so I’m wondering if I’m missing something =/

His payments include sales tax.If you take the tax out of the equation. you get 404 per month with 891 drive off (1st month and doc fee)