2017 Volvo s90 Momentum

2017 Volvo s90 Momentum

MSRP 63,215
Sale price 47629
plus costco cash 3k
plus conquest of 1240
mf .00001
rv 48
36m, 12k
Tax 7.75
I threw in 750 to cover first payment and some fees- and just to get below 450. Comes out to 439 with tax.
I think that comes out pretty decent? I would have been happy with a cheaper Momentum but I had a difficult time finding many with the options I wanted. The inventory was pretty thin on the 17’s. I guess without throwing in the conquest cash I would be at 474 ish

Looks like you are getting a good 12% off MSRP.
Change it to 24/12k (RV 57%) and your payments drop another $30.

(EDIT) I get $412.08 after tax on your current terms. Are there hidden fees somewhere?

Thanks- I will double check later today…still haven’t taken delivery yet :slight_smile:

Are you sure RV is 57% 24/12 on a 2017?

When the midsommer thing was going, I got to $452 drive off, $452/mo. on the same car ~$4k less expensive @36/10.

No Conquest for me, no midsommer for you, you’ve got a more expensive car, and more miles/year. Without running the calcs I think you have a pretty solid deal. Absolute floor I hit and two dealerships was just over 8% off MSRP before incentives and one of those was on a car 400 mi away.

Here is what is in Edmunds for a T6, pretty sure OP’s is given the price:

Nice, but huge drop from 36.

Yeah. According to edmunds. That’s how you save $30 by going 24 instead of 36.

Just to make sure I understand, does this mean for S90s it’s currently a better deal to do 24 month leases than 36?

It’s easy to fugure out on your own - get the numbers and use simple side-by-side calculator http://www.ridewithg.com/rwg-calculator/


Typically yes, because the high incentive level is amortized against fewer months. But as Urusus says, do the math to confirm. There are some differences in the 24/36 residual spread across the S90 line that may sway it one way or another depending upon circumstance.

Do you mind PMing me the dealer info you worked with? I’ve been trying to find an S90 this month and I’ve only gotten around 8% off MSRP.