2017 Volvo S90 Momentum T6 AWD

Volvo S90 Momentum T6 AWD

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Search Edmunds forums.

I totally agree that individuals should look up the RV and MF through Edmunds, as it is both easy to reach and accurate. However, why do we have this section of the forum at this point? We consistently refer people to Edmunds (once again, rightfully so), but then what does that leave this section with? What purpose?

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Agreed…maybe change it to “Hack of the Month”

I know for 36m 12k its .00001 and 48%. I am going to guess its 49 or 50 for 10k- but I just checked Edmunds and you are going to have to ask there to get the exact numbers for Sept.

There are many RV/MFs not posted on Edmunds and this is a place where people can ask for those (as well as ask on Edmunds). Eventually this site will probably have a more comprehensive RV/MF section and Edmunds users can come here.

I actually originally came here for Volvo numbers that Edmunds didn’t have at that time. But as a rule - they provide most reliable info.

Another thing is that Edmunds only provides the RV/MF through the captive. They do not provide any 3rd party numbers, which some people on here provide, like @RVguy.

Do the people posting MF/RVs on Edmunds have acces to all regions? RVs are nationwide for all lenders now (that might change in the future) but the MF and other incentives can vary greatly by marketing region.

They most likely have a couple logins to dealertrack salesmaker which allows one off look ups. But DT has all the 3rd party lenders so maybe they are on the captive distribution lists for the latest programs? There are other data providers that sell all this data but it is expensive (~10k/mo).

Seems like they do. Never seen them saying they didn’t have numbers for some locations.