2017 Volt lease -$170 net

Here is the deal I got on 2017 Volt yesterday. I think the dealers are out of Bolts in north California and they area willing to move out 2017 volts.

2017 Volt LT, leather, bose, and heated seats
36 months, 15k miles per month.
$0 Down, 0 drive off
$289.00 per month

One pay
-$1500 state rebate
-$700 costco
-$600 SMUD

= 6100 . That is net $170 per month.


Can you share what dealer this was?

Roseville,CA (in Roseville automall)

edit: deleted post

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my local electric utility company here in Sacramento.

Sweet! good luck on the car

They still let you lease a 2017 volt in December? Dealers told 2017 won’t be leasable after Nov 30. Please confirm. Thanks

2017 Bolt Cruze Malibu and Volt GM cars are still lease supported for December 2017.

awesome deal. Is $289 tax-included? What was the MSRP on the Volt?


Nice deal thanks for posting - just as nice as the BOLT albeit with lower state rebate …

very good.
like the: $170,15k,leather, bose, heated

do not like the: volt range

for me, my commute is ~30 miles one way.
i only charge at work.
occasionally, i would have to pay for gas in volt which is deal breaker.
got bolt specifically so i dont have to pay for gas

good luck

yes, tax included. 7.75 is my tax rate

I agree. I wanted a bolt too but the dealers are out of bolts, and I thought this is good enough deal, especially with EV tax rebate up in the air with the tax reform.

awesome deal for sure. Would you mind sharing the breakdowns of the price including selling price, rebates, lease cash and etc? I am trying to replicate the same type of a deal here in So.Cal.


It’s a GREAT deal; the best Volt deal I have seen in months and I’ve been following closely.

Volt and Bolt have different pros/cons. With the Volt you can drive it anywhere with no concerns about finding a charging station. If you do road trips and this is your primary/best car, then that’s a huge advantage. If you are just using it for commuting, then perhaps the Bolt works out better.

Can you give us some more info, to help people like me try to replicate? Info like this:

  1. MSRP: ?
  2. Selling Price: ?
  3. Total of rebates applied on the lease contract: (this would be a separate line item; this doesn’t include state, costco, SMUD)
  4. Did you have an existing lease in the household?


yes u are 100% correct. if i had only 1 car it would most def be a volt.

MSRP $36,435
Rebates:$8834.00( including $500 existing lease rebate)
Gross capitalized cost:$32,935

I took some pictures of the paper work for more details but too large to upload

can you give me the breakdown of the rebates ($8834)?

The picture is too big to upload semd me your email

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sent you a PM. Thanks