2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road

Year: 2017
Make, Model, and Trim: Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road
Months/Annual Mileage: 36/12K
Zip Code: 92009

Current programs end today. We’ll have February numbers by the end of this week.

sounds good, thanks!

17MY Tacoma 4WD Double Cab TRD Off-Road (Mnumber 7544)
36mo 12k: 72% 0.00210

This is TFS’s standard rate so your only option to drop the MF is to use a 3rd party lender.

how would I go about using a 3rd party lender?

You just need to find a dealer who is signed up with US Bank, Ally or a Credit Union. I don’t think there are any Credit Unions in San Diego that are currently leasing but in a couple months a major one will begin their lease program and it will have the best Tacoma payments in the area.

Ally has a different marketing strategy where they increase the RV much higher but also have a much higher rate. The payments are often very attractive as a result but sometimes only get you close to TFS. I can’t comment on how the customer experience compares if you lease with US Bank or Ally and compare that to TFS or any other captive.

What is your time frame like? TFS sets RVs quarterly so the current ones are valid through April 4th (or around that date). The other lenders change RVs every 2 months, so around the beginning of March they will publish new numbers.

What is the name of the major credit union that will begin their tacoma lease program?

I can’t say yet until all the legal agreements are finalized which is why it is still a couple months out. It won’t just be a Tacoma lease program but a lease program on all makes/models with several specific models heavily targeted. Tacoma falls into that category.

late march/early April, willing to wait for a good deal

Hey, are you able to tell the name of the credit union now?

Any updates on this?

Still nothing but we are getting closer. Credit Unions move very slow and this one wants to ensure their competition doesn’t know they are starting leasing until they go to market.

This is what we got. 305 a month tax included for 48 months 15k miles a year. Out of pocket was $500 plus a camry with 220k miles and a transmission that wont go to reverse and alot of bumps and dings and a bumper that fell off for going off road.the reason we got the truck because the car wasnt running good anymore. The $500 was to payoff the camry btw. The tacoma we got was a limited. Msrp 37xxx. Selling price was 32xxx. Wasnt a demo car. Only had 16 miles on it. Residual value is 23xxx.

The Tacoma will be much better at off roading than the Camry! Good choice. Haha

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What do you mean payoff the Camry? How much did you owe on it still?

Camry was a 07. Owed 500

Wait so you gave them the $500 that would have paid off the car and then also gave them the car?

Yes. The car wasused as a trade to use as driveoff fees.

Is there any news which CU started the lease program? I am looking to lease a Tacoma and operate through any one other than TFS