2017 Toyota Sienna XLE...Is it a good deal ? Pls advise


I am into leasing for the first time and finding your forum very helpful. Kudos to you !!
Today I had a conversation with a chat representative for leasing a 2017 Toyota Sienna.

Following are the her words:

“If we have an application in right now he (dealer) is willing to give an extra discount so the price per month will be $448.13 with 2887.60 total due at signing”.
“Gap insurance is optional with Toyota for $200 extra.”
“Wear and Tear: I can offer a coverage up to 5k on any interior or exterior damages, wheels, rims and fixing the vehicle. So at the end of your lease whatever the charges you have they will cover up to 5k. It’s optional coverage and you can include that in your monthly payment for $35.67 extra per month.”

Mentioned below are the details on these numbers.

Is it a good deal ? Pls advise.

In socal my sister just got this 4 days ago. Msrp 39k xle model, 1k drive off first month and 399(tax included) for the next 35 months

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35.67 x 36 = 1,284.12. For gap ?

you needto take these numbers and nok other dealers door. Let them beat eachother numbers.

Thanks ! Which state is your sister in ? Toyota Offering a $2000 rebate now. My lease quote has been revised…36/10k Sienna xle 8 pssngr $342.87 with $2601.34 due at signing…

@Piprofiile2013, he stated his sister is in SoCal.

If @Jordaholic sister’s terms are the same as yours, then your deal is alittle cheaper. Your is equivalent to $388/month with $1k due at signing.

sure…I am checking with other dealers too.

Since those deals do NOT meet the 1% rule, we would say there is lots of scope for improvement…

Thanks Jon. I think since month-end as well as labor day weekend is approaching, the deals/rebates are increasing…Will wait for quotes from a couple of more dealers…

Where are you seeing this $2000 rebate? Are you sure it’s lease cash and not for purchases? In SoCal, there is $3000 rebate for purchases, but only $500 for lease.

Thanks to all the guru’s for the inputs.

I’m planning to lease for first time. Started communicating with dealers in SoCal for Sienna XLE.

Thanks vhooloo. It’s the first time I am into leasing a car. That’s why I need advice from expert guys like you. Do you have any suggestion for me in this case ? Such as what quote shall I give to the dealer or for how much down ?

This is what I got from Santa Margarita Toyota

Here is your 36 month lease payment. I also attached a spec sheet of this vehicle to this email for you. This is based on a blizzard pearl Highlander we have in stock.

MSRP: 40,100
Dealer discount: -3,255
Net Selling price: 36,844
Down payment: 2,000
Drive off fees: 1,200

Your monthly payment: $382.51
Payment is base on approved credit. ]
including all tax(7.75%)and fees

@John1 Highlander or Sienna? :thinking:

Sorry, wrong forum. :slight_smile: light_smile:

I will post in Highlander forum.

Heres a deal I could do on XLE Sienna
$253.18 customer cash $500 rebate included.
$388.43 per month with Tax 7.75%

Your regular auto insurance can offer gap insurance for like 27 cents a month. Don’t buy the dealer’s version. It’s a rip off.

OK maybe not 27 cents a month but significantly less than $200 over 3 years, that’s for sure. I think I pay $11 every 6 months of something ridiculously low like that.

Good point. Thank you !

It so odd that the dealer discount is the sum of the down payment and drive up fees?

I see Disposition fee as $350 when Fees and Insurance cover Doc fee. Don’t know what is it for…

Sales Rep is not ready to disclose the MF details. Upon checking the MSD option, she mentioned that it depends upon my credit score and will not be able to confirm on MSD option without an application.

Revised lease disclosure details from a dealer attached herewith.

Also need help with a 2017 Toyota Sienna XLE Premium Lease.
Can anyone please advise?

36 Months and 12k Miles / Year

MSRP: 41,071
Sales Price: $38,500
MF: .001
Doc Fee: $172.15
Title: 95.00
Electronic Filing: $25
Registration: $101
Residual Value: 55%
Sales Tax: 7%
Money Down: $0

Monthly Payment: $545.00

Just as an aside, here’s another vehicle we looked at:
The 2017 Pacifica Touring L Plus was $536/month $0 money down. 36 months 10k miles / year.

Comparatively the Pacifica Touring L Plus was nicer than the Sienna BUT the Sienna will allow us to put a car seat in 2p and 2d without impeding my incline too much. The Pacifica and Odyssey didn’t give me enough room so the Sienna is leading for that factor alone.