2017 Toyota Prius Prime in Florida

Just got called by one of the local toyota dealers and was told they have Prius Prime in stock, which honestly looks like they are just trying to get me into the dealership to sell me something else.


Thats the dealership. Anyone else think they are just trying to get me to come in or do they really have the Prime in stock? Looked at their website inventory and dont see anything for them either which only raises my suspicion!

“We have them in stock! Come on in!”
“Oh…sorry, I meant we can take an order from you if you are willing to pay MSRP. If not, can I show you these great Rav4s and Tacomas we have specials on??”


…oh…yes…and if you don’t mind, i’ll add an extra $1500 to the total, I mean after all, i worked hard and my 2 year old has to eat…

Just got called from the dealer confirming my Friday 1pm appt. I asked you have them for sure, they said, we have just one…

So ended going to the dealer today and in fact they did have a base model prius prime! Anyone know the lease residual and MF for 36/12 and if theres any lease cash?

Lmao you scheduled an appointment, got in your car and drove there to see the car and you didn’t ask them for the MF or the residual while you were there?


Email your contact at the dealer and ask him directly.

The dealer was too busy discussing vin etching, window tint and wheel protection package to give info about MF lol.


You forgot the paint sealant, Gotta have the sealant or the factory warranty will be void. It is is the fine print somewhere. LOL

They didn’t have the numbers supposedly. I did email him about it, he has yet to call me back with the numbers.

Just got a call back from the dealer, they didn’t want to give me the specifics but with 0 down they said payment will be 7xx, 2500 down would be like 678 or something ridiculous like that. Guy tried to make it seem like Toyota doesn’t know about what it will resale so they set it really low, he said on a 29k msrp residual was 124xx.

Told them That obviously that’s a ridiculously high number!

$700+ lease payment…for a Prius. Holy crap, who are they kidding. I’m pretty sure financing it $0 down would actually be cheaper.

This has got to be a joke…

Some manufacturers don’t even offer a leasing program when a car is super new (Tesla) as it would offend most people hence the $700+ payment.

I work for a Toyota Dealer. Right now the Residuals seem very weak on the Prime.

57% on Premium
52% on Advanced

.00095 is the MF in LA region on Prime

Pretty bad for Toyota but great compared to AMG residuals or Maserati at 49%

I got a quote from a Boston area dealer that is usually extremely aggressive and it was over $500/mo on the Advanced with no money down. I hardly see any roads on the roads in my area, but there are quiet a few Gen 4 (2016+). The Gen 4 also doesn’t have a great residual especially in the higher trims. Prius would be a good car to buy and hold for 5+ years rather than lease.