2017 Toyota Highlander

2017 Highlander Limited AWD
36/12K: 66% RV, .00200 MF
Targeted: $500 Military

Multiple Security Deposits available (because it’s a non sub-vented MF)

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The Highlander is refreshed for 17MY and TFS only went up 2-3pts on the RV over the current equivalent 16MY RVs. This RV will be valid through the end of March and you can bet that the MF will stay the same, potentially the entire year because demand for this model is so strong. TFS sets RVs quarterly but the non-captives set their RVs bi-monthly. So there might be some better lease deals on 17MY Highlander in November through the non-captives (Ally, US Bank or local Credit Unions if they offer indirect leasing).

How much does the MF change with each deposit for these?

I couldn’t find dealers who would do MSD on Toyota unless credit was bad.

Thanks for the RV and MF information!

I don’t see why MF needs to be non-subvented to use MSDs. If a dealership says that, they are probably wrong. I negotiated a deal with a base MF of .00056 and the use of 5 MSDs to get it to .00008…another MSD would have taken it to Zero and they cannot go below .00001. F&I Manager made a phone call (must have been to TFS) to verify during lease signing.

At this point- based on being a long time reader on the comments in this forum, @michael 's input and your comment, and my experience with the dealerships, I have come to a conclusion MSDs can vary by dealership and not car brand. From offering it at all (thanks to being comepletely unknowledgeable) or jacking up the MF because they feel like it. So just putting it out there- it’s different at every dealer- but the general idea is that BMW and MB does offer it- and SOME Toyota does too, based on my experience with actually drawing up an offer (like I said before- for Toyota- most dealers would be WHAT ARE THOSE?! And some bumping up the MF to super bad credit levels and won’t show you what the actual MF is until they run your credit.

Yeah, I have been offered a .0015 MF with reduction of .000018 per Security deposit which is ridiculous.

Toyota Financial definitely offers MSD, says so right on their website.* The knowledge or ignorance of dealership level employees (even management) can vary greatly. Even at BMW or M-B dealers I cannot recall anyone volunteering this information or suggesting it as a way to lower payments. One has to bring it up or know of it independently.

I think most dealer’s goal or SOP is to apparently reduce the sticker shock of “$$$$ due at signing” (i.e. don’t increase that by several thousand dollars, even if the customer is getting it back) and/or reduce the monthly payments, which CCR does superficially very well.

*Note that southeastern states are ‘served’ by SE Toyota and SE Toyota Financial, which apparently are separate entities from Toyota (USA)

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Toyota Highlander XLE FWD

Any Incentives?

After finding the RV/MF, you can read the recent Highlander posts to see what the selling price has been relative to MSRP.

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Hello! Can someone help me out with a 2017 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD - 36/12K - Chicagoland - RV/MF? Any Incentives?

Update: Went to the dealership with an idea of what I wanted. Here is what they offered. Something didn’t seem right:
MSRP: $40,689
Sale Price: $35,995
$0 down
MF: 0.00185
RV: Undisclosed
Residual Amount: $25,720.96
Monthly Payment: $501.11

What am I missing? Why is it over $500? Thanks!

Southeast Toyota Finance (valid through 1/31/17):

36/12K: 64% RV, .00185 MF
Targeted: $1,000 Military cash

36/12K: 65% RV, .00128 MF
Targeted: $500 Military cash

FL dealers are known for high document fees. The numbers look about right assuming a $900 doc fee, $300 in DMV fees, 6.5% sales tax, and a true $0 drive-off lease.

The XLE AWD seems to have 68% RV (based on some dealers ad RV$27995) so probably it will end up being cheaper than FWD with 65% RV.
Do you have the numbers for SE AWD? It used to be 1% higher than XLE.

RV/MF for the following please?

2017 or 2018
Toyota Highlander XLE AWD
36/12 and 36/15