2017 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD or

Greetings hackers.

I’m looking for a great 8 seater SUV. My current choice right now is the Highlander but they don’t seem to lease well in North California?

Current number of what I’ve gotten from 3 dealerships:

MSRP : 41,189
Sale price: 38,367
MF: .00210 on tier+1 credit

Is the MF inflated? Contacted 2 dealerships. SF and Oakland and they gave me the same numbers. If you guys have a better numbers on a same or different cars, I’d appreciate it.

Check Edmunds forums for MF and RV

I did. They said .00072 MF, 62% on XLE AWD but not one dealer is acknowledging it and told me they’re wrong.

Contact more than two dealers and see what they say

2 dealers from the east bay just got back to me an hour ago. One was .00225 and the same .00210

Have you considered doing Multiple Security Deposits (MSD)? I did nine MSD’s on my Highlander lease in order to bring the payments down by reducing the money factor. The lease hackr calculator allows you to put in various MSD’s and see how it would effect your payments.

In February when I leased in Ohio the MF for a Limited AWD was .00149 (3.58%). I was able to get that down to .00077 (1.89%) using the nine MSD’s.