2017 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD good deal?

MSRP 41061
Sale price 37995
36m/12k p.y
RV 68%
MF .00128
MSD 9 -3375
Doc Fee 173
License Regis 221
Monthly payment 365

Good deal, is this LE or XLE? WHich location?

This is XLE in Illinois.

Looks pretty good. Which dealer in Illinois?

Look at the other Highlander threads. Aim for mid to low 37s for selling price…IMO…and double check here and on Edmunds that the MF is correct.

with those numbers and lease calculator, i get a payment of $356 for IL tax rate of 6.25%
$9 less per month.

I agree with @max_g - You can shop other dealers using that deal, however- keep in mind it’s almost Feb- so the deal could potentially change. If you’re comfortable with the numbers- I say go with what you got.

I am being told that the MF is .0021 in California on both 2016 and 2017. Can anyone confirm if the MF is still .00128 for January on 2016 or 2017?

Thank you for all the responses.
I got a better offer from another dealer. Thanks @max_g for pointing me in that direction.
The Sale price was 37441 on an MSRP of 41487. Rest of the terms are same. I got a monthly payment of 334 when I put it in the lease calculator but he quoted me $337. I am going over there to sort the difference.


334 or 337, either way sounds great to me, with just MSD, doc and reg due at signing.

Just drove the vehicle home. It ended up being 337p.m. Thanks for all the help. I definitely would have a paid a whole lot more if not for leasehackr.

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Can you please post the name of the dealer and the sales rep.

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Elgin Toyota. Ask for Sam Kim/ Siril Verma.

Does anyone know the current numbers for the XLE? Does the XLE come with leather, back up camera and Bluetooth?

I don’t know the latest numbers but it did come with all three and also Toyota safety sense which is actually on all Trim levels.

Thank you! Really need to know the numbers of anyone has them.

Check out https://forums.edmunds.com/discussions/tagged/x/leasing

Find the correct post and ask…they are typically pretty quick to respond.

What is msd? is that the down payment? So wouldn’t the monthly with no down be 3897/36 + 334 = $442

MSD is not a down payment. It’s used to lower the MF and you get the entire MSD amount back at lease end.

Thanks… will check if I can replicate the numbers,