2017 Toyota Highlander SE

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Toyota Highlander se]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/12K]
Zip Code: [15206]

Interested in a Toyota rav 4 limited as well. Thanks!

Replying to my own post; local dealer was more upfront then some others. MF 0.002 and 68% on 36/12k. 74% on 24/12k.

Definitely consider using MSD with that high MF

Exactly my plan. The topic seems confusing to some dealers, but I shared the direct link to toyota financial that describes it.

Getting good deals off MSRP so that certainly helps.

Salespeople won’t understand it, ask them to tell the Finance manager aka F&I manager that you are planning to use MSD

Alternatively, reach out to @RVguy and see if he knows CUs in your state that have lower MF with similar RV…

Thanks again - you are exactly right. At a big dealer in Pittsburgh, PA none of the sales people had ever heard of the MDS. Finance manager returns today and is fully aware.

Have the sale price down to 38,900 off of MSRP of 42,585. With MDS I should be right under 400 a month which was my goal.


If you happen to be in an area where one of our CUs is, the RV on a 36/12k would be 67% on the AWD and 66% on the 2WD Highlander SE. for 24/12k we are at 72% on AWD SE and 71% on 2WD SE.

The CUs that we work with have MFs that range between 0.00085 (FL) all the way up to 0.00176 (MA). So without the MSDs through TFS we can beat them all day long with all our CUs. With the MSDs on the TFS deal, only a couple of our CUs will beat them. Plus some Toyota dealers will only work with TFS but we do quite a large volume of leasing on a handful of Toyota models (4Runner, Highlander, Sequoia, Tacoma and Tundra).

If you can get the MSDs to stick then you’ll most likely find the best deal through TFS since we are only -1pt from TFS on the 36mo RV and -2pts from them on the 24mo RV.

TFS sets RVs quarterly so their RV will hold through April 3rd or 4th. The CUs change RVs bi-monthly so it will change on March 1st.

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That is great information, especially on the RV. Again, first lease but the dealer I’m working with will apply MSDs. Now its just up to me to decide between the SE AWD, XLE Hybrid AWD, or Platinum AWD. Should be picking something up tomorrow evening.

How much does each MSD shave off of the MF? Do you know how many MSDs until TFS caps the rate reduction?

IIRC it is .00008 for each and you can do up to 9 or 10 MSD (helped negotiate a TFS lease in Sept) and the net MF can go all the way down to .00001…even on a non-subvented MF (buyrate was .00056 and 6 MSDs brought it down to .00008…couldn’t apply a 7th due to the floor they set)

Do you happen to know any Dealership near Seattle,WA. I am also in the market for a Highlander and so wanted to see if I can get one without MSDs and low MF.

Would you share the final numbers once you do end up picking something up. It would be useful for me to negotiate when i go to a dealership.

Certainly will share. I was using cargurus new car search to look out 500 miles, and the dealer I’m working is nearly matching any price I found. I’ll pm you the dealer and some details.

Residuals should be the same, but I would think the any MF for another state will be better then PA (0.002).

Can you please PM me your numbers as well … thanks !

If you can get to Del Toyota, they will hook you up with Members 1st Federal Credit Union in PA and their best MF is .00118.

Thanks RVguy, thats about 4.5 hours away. May still be worth it though.

Even applying max MSDs my rate comes down to 0.00128.

If you go to that CUs website they have a list of dealers to use (on their loan rate sheet page). There might be one closer. The one I gave you was one of their top volume stores. The low MF without needing to shell out a few thousand for MSDs would make the drive there or the cost of transport worth it imo. But that is a long drive.

Ended up with a 2017 Highlander SE AWD, at an agreed sales price of 38,920. Add in acquisition fee and relevant taxes and doc, with 9 MSD’s, I ended up at $393 per month before monthly taxes.

I did add in wear and tear from Toyota, and gap coverage. It was just a few dollars more then my insurer, but I did not like the idea of making a large claim in the event the vehicle gets totaled.

Thanks everyone for the help and advice. The MF is high starting at 0.0021 in PA (they are trying to clear out 2016’s), but the residual on the SE model was 69% for 36months/12k miles.

Just so you realize, you’ll still need to make a claim through your insurer if it gets totaled. GAP coverage is for just that, the “GAP” between what your insurer pays out after your claim and the remaining balance on your lease.

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Thanks for the clarification!