2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R

2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited
MSRP: [$38,172]
Accesories : [617]
Selling Price: [$33,209]
Adjusted Cap Cost: [33,827]
Net Trade-in: [$2046]
Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: 0.0007
RV: 64%
Residual: [24,811]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$0]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$320]
Sales Tax Rate: [10.4%]

I finalized this yesterday. Please let me know your feedback.

A couple of thoughts about Subaru “financing”: One does need to be extra careful - they complicate simple information and mislead with non-standard formats when sending you information. Ironically, it was the sales guy who ended up being my best friend acting as a messenger between me and Subaru finance.

So they gave you $2k for a trade-in? If so that makes your monthly $377 all-in. Just barely below the 1% rule.

yes, I guess that’s true. The reason i went with the trade-in was the tax credit in WA so my effective payment will be tax free for the first 35 months of the lease.

Makes sense. Sounds like a nice bonus for WA residents. I’d be happy to daily drive an Outback.

Good discount, MF and RV. Good deal on a Subaru with no incentives (as usual).
Not sure about your complaint about Subaru Finance (Chase), though. Didn’t find their forms over-complicated.

I’ll just give you one incident - right towards the end, when I went in to sign the papers, the deal was 320/month(but before taxes!). It was a number that looked very much like the number I had agreed to(inc. taxes)so I barely caught it. When I pointed it out, a lot of hand-wringing ensued along with “I don’t know what happened”. I find it difficult to believe this was a honest mistake…

It has nothing to do with Chase. They don’t even get your paperwork for up to 10 days, only approve you for a lease. So, thank your dealership for that “mistake” :slight_smile:

I was only referring to Subaru Finance dept. at the Dealer…didn’t know Chase was even involved.

Dealer’s finance department is not Subaru Finance, but I see what you were trying to communicate.