2017 Subaru Forester XT Premium

I have been shopping for a leftover 2017 Subaru Forester XT. I originally was focused on the premium and got offered…
36 Month/10K Lease
MSRP: $30,531
Invoice including destination: $29,134
Price from dealership: $28,400
Residual: 64%
Money Factor (from Edmunds not dealership): .00055
Down Payment/ Out of Pocket: $2,000

$249 a month for 36 months.

I am NY State Taxes (.088ish)


Numbers look right to me. 7% off MSRP seems a little paltry although NADAGuides has no info on pricing and edmunds quotes higher.

Hello There:

This is a generic copy + paste answer to your question about how I can get a better deal.


Remember that dealers make money based on the following. (Sell price + Incentives + Holdback (look it up for each car sold the dealer gets around 2% MSRP) + Volume Discount (secret ask someone on the inside)) - (INVOICE). Check out the wiki for sites on what other people have paid including NADAguides. Again, that’s (Sell price + Incentives + Holdback + Volume Discount) - (INVOICE)= Profit.

For dealer holdback numbers: https://www.edmunds.com/car-buying/dealer-holdback/

Which sites do you use to do research? (Updated 08/10/17 Alt Lease Calc) [Library]


These are programs made by corporate to give to dealers so they have more room to discount cars. Autobytel has lists for each make and model. However, make sure you are eligible before barging into the dealer demanding the moon. DO not let the dealer factor this into the sell price discount. They get reimbursed for incentives.


This is the bank’s profit, or in other words, interest. Go to edmunds (again info on wiki) to find the BASE MF for your vehicle. Dealers will sometimes mark up the interest and pocket the difference. This is where Edmunds comes in. Don’t get got.

## MSDs.

Many carmakers allow REFUNDABLE MSD (multiple security deposits) to lower your MF aka interest. MSDs are simply monthly payments paid up at the beginning of the lease and refunded at the end of the lease. No questions asked even if the car is totaled (assuming insurance pays off the rest of the lease).

# Fees

Look up the lease acquisition fee for your brand and other user’s average standard doc fees. Acquistions fees may be marked up so for example: MB’s base acquisition fee is $795. Many dealers mark this up to $1095 which you then have to call them out on.

In terms of doc fees, for example NJ is usually ~$499 and Florida can get up to ~$1000. Remember doc fees are sometimes the finance manager’s cut so they can be negotiable. However, lease acquisition costs are usually not, but why not ask?

I think you should be able to get about 15% off. The dealers here in MD/VA are advertising a Subaru Touring 2.0XT for $29k

That sounds pretty solid. It is probably due to the much lower residual on the 17 Tourings.

On Edmunds a forum poster claims the 2018’s in NY have a MF of .00120 and 68% (XT Prem) or 66% (XT Tour)

But the 2017’s XT Prem - 64% and .00055 & XT Tour - 59% and .00045

Thats a 7% difference on the RV for the Touring from 17-18 (even though the MF is better on the 17).

I wonder which Year and trim is going to get the best value. It seems the 17 Touring needs a serious under invoice sales price to make it worth it.