2017 range rover discovery sport , is this good deal?

So heres the offer, is it good

sale price:41,800
total taxable amount: 41800
sales tax: 4% = 1672
tire tax: 7.50
doc fees:390
first month:417

monthly payment :417/mo

Looks like a pretty solid deal. Huge discount, payment well below 1% of MSRP. What is due at signing (doc fee, registration and first month)? What is money factor and residual? Others will likely be interested in this deal. The more information you post, the better.

according to the buyers order…im paying around 3800 out of pocket, which is tax,fees,registration,first payment.
theres only car like this on the lot…according to the dealership. it seems too good to be true. PM me if you want deets, ill tell you after i purchase the car.
the MF and residual is unknown at the this point. didnt bother asking, because the discount was very high. I cross referenced the VIN#, everything seems to add up…but my spidey sense is still going off lol

So If I read this correctly, ((38*417)+3800)/39, you are paying $503 per month. I would say dealers have their own way of making money.

The out of pocket is pretty high – how do they get to $3,800 (sales tax, tire tax, doc fee, registration and first month do not sum to $3,800). They have added something in. Other than that, it still seems pretty good for a Land Rover since they usually don’t lease very well.

Perhaps acquisition fee is not rolled in.

Is it 4% in NY? I thought it was close to 9%.

Which county are you? In most NY counties, leases are taxed on the totality of the lease payments, not on the sales prices of the vehicle. AFAIK. And it’s typically 8+ percent.

Doc Fee is capped at $75, if they charge you more you should report it to the AG’s office.

Reg seems high too.

Yeah buying the car in NJ, so unfortunately no cap on fees

Still the tax doesn’t compute.

Any update on the deal? I am looking to lease Discovery sport - any trim is ok , 7500 to 10K miles per year

Just reading the OP title, there is no such thing as a Range Rover discovery. :+1:

Definitely a piece of information that is worth bumping a year old thread.

yes there is:

Leasing for $309 with $3,495 CASH DUE AT SIGNING.

That’s Land Rover Discovery, not Range Rover Discovery.

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Technicalities :grinning:Land Rover is the brand and Range Rover is a model. I guess people get that mixed up.