2017 Ram Big Horn Crew Cab

2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew Cab, many extras

MSRP $49,580
Sticker Price $45,500
Leasing Company Offer (US Bank) and Ram offers -$11,000
Adj Cap Cost $34,500

MF 7.25% (0.00302)
Residual $25,000 ( Approx 50% residual)

$1000 down
36 months / 10,000 miles

Zip Code: 55803

dont think thats a good deal sorry

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No problem. Any clarity on why you aren’t liking the numbers? The MF is very high, but the rebates were also ridiculously high. I’ve seen some talk about the “1%” rule and the monthly payments staying below 1% of MSRP being a good deal. This comes in at about 0.88%

It looks solid to me, but you are getting about 9% off of MSRP. That could be a little better, but not much, the average is around 11% from dealers. That accounts for another $1500 or about $65/month off of the payment.

As it stands, with $0 down you will be around $430/month which still is within range of the Hackr Deal Standard. I think you could push for more money off and then pull the trigger.

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