2017 Ram 1500 not sure how to get the best deal

Looking at getting rid of my 2015 Cherokee and trying to get into a cheap as possible Ram 1500 Big Horn. Im trying to see if I should wait til December or if now is a good time and also if its possible to just do a 24 month lease. Ive seen a lot of local dealers offering the price below but I want advice from the pros (you guys) as to what I should really be paying. Im okay with 10k a year as it will just be used occasionally.

Id like to get into something for around 250 - 270 all in if thats possible

Just for reference,I have a 2016 Ram 1500 Express 4x4 for 24m/10k @ $319/month, zero down and 9% sales tax rolled in. I know it’s not a Big Horn but it might give you a rough idea of what other people are paying.

Last month I didn’t pull the trigger on a 41,280 express for 36/12 for 279 through ally with everything rolled (NJ taxes). I doubt you’ll get a big horn in the 200s. The residuals took a hit this month, so I may have missed the boat but inventory is still pretty high.

Also this month the sweet spot is 27 not 24 months.

so you think I should be looking at a 27 month lease and just the express? What is the difference between the two? Sorry not really a truck person and as stated above this would be used just for work and not my regular car

Express has less options. It also has a lower sticker so the rebates have a bigger impact percentage-wise. Express quad will be the cheapest option.