2017 Q7 PP+ not liking the numbers Nor Cal

Either tell me they are great and get over myself or tell me where it looks bad.

MSRP: $65,375.00
Sales Price: 63,875.00 (only $1500 off, seems low, but these are selling fast)
MF: .00210 for 36 .00230 for 42 months
Residual not sure, thinking in the 55% range.

Cash Down / payment 36 Months
2500 1,008.76
5000 932.38
7500 856.00
10,000 779.62

Cash Down /payment 42 Months
2500 981.45
5000 914.97
7500 848.48
10,000 781.99

36- 38,571.25 42- 35,956.25

. Tax Profile: Livermore 9.25%

Not sure if Audi’s are allowing MSD’s but I would consider putting up to $10K down on those if it got my payment down.

How does these look and would you simply walk away or are there dials that can be turned?

The discount off MSRP is tough, again they are selling immediately.


Audi’s in general lease bad, but the Q7 is horrendous. If you love the Q7, you’re better off buying it.


Yeah, no. wow. The overall problem with all of it is that there is money being asked in every instance and yet even with 10k down it’s ugly.

If this is what you really want, and considering the demand, I don’t see an alternative but to purchase it.

I literally never see new Q7 on the road- and now I know why.

Those numbers are awful.

What’s funnier is I was offered $800++/mth on a $54k Audi all road :joy::joy::joy::joy: