2017 Q60S Red Sport Lease Negotiation Numbers - Good Deal or Not?

Hi Everyone:

I received a quote back from the dealer for a Q60S Red Sport I priced out to an MSRP of $62,000. They quoted me $4400 and $790/mo. Assuming the MSRP of the car is $62,000 (There’s no way I’m paying MSRP), are these calculations correct:

Sale price: $62,000
Term: 39 month lease - 12,000 miles/yr
MF and Residual: 64% and .00199 (Thank you for the info, Michaell!)

$62,000 x 64% residual = $39,680

$62,000-$39,680= $22,320

Monthly depreciation charge:

$22,320 = $572.31

Monthly finance charge:

$39,680 + $62,000 = $101,680 x MF (.00199) = $202.34

$572.31+$202.34 =$774.65

4% NYS Sales Tax on $62,000 = $2,480 + $75 in DMV fees + lease acquisition fee ($700? - is this correct?) + first payment =

$4,029 payment for the first month and then $774.65

Is this correct? I should also mention that I would have to order this vehicle, as the majority of the Red Sports have not hit the dealers yet. Any tips on negotiating the price of the car? What would you expect the invoice to be on this car? How low do you think I can go?

Thank you very much. This forum is amazing.

Go to edmunds to get invoice. Numbers match based on a rough calculation. New car so not sure how much they will discount.

I would have a seriously hard time paying that much for a Q60, that is M3/M4 money, and with the infinity you still have to pay for maintenance. I had a g37, the one year check up was $400, got rid of the car shortly after and swore off the brand.

Horrible deal. Walk away. MOney factor is awful.

It’s not necessarily a horrible “deal” as you claim. It might not be a good lease compared to other cars out there but Infiniti sets the residual and mf not the dealer. So unless you know they are marking it up it might be an excellent “deal” for a new car that does not lease welI.

This is horrible on all levels. MF, 1% rule, big downpayment and comparable lease rates for cars in same MSRP range such as X5. Now if OP really wants that car then that’s different but leasehackr score is a paltry 6.2.

I think you missing the point, the OP asked if this was a good deal for a Q60S Red, which neither of us are able to accurately answer. If the op had asked I got this quote on Q60S Red but i am also thinking of an m4, S5, and c63 then by all means explain that the deal is shit compared to the others, but that was not the question. Also most people don’t cross shop sporty coupes with large suv’s so pointing out than an X5 leases better than a Q60 is completely irrelevant. If you post 440i or M4 with a 60-70k msrp that would make sense.


Leasehackr score is barely 6. So it is a bad deal. For advice on red qxx I would argue this is not the forum. We discuss about lease deals based on msrp, mf, residual. Not on coupe vs suv. There are other forums for that. Only OP can decide if coupe or suv is what he needs. We crunch numbers. Under 10 score bad deal, 10 to 15 good deal and 15+ jump on it.

I guess that is where we disagree, I see this forum as a place to gain knowledge and discuss deals not simply give them a letter grade.

No problems. We both give our advice and let OP decide :slight_smile:

Nobody is comparing sports cars to SUVs except you. And if you actually read the OPs post, you’ll see that he got an initial quote and is trying to break down the numbers to see where they come from for better negotiation. He obviously isn’t planning on paying MSRP. So glancing at a post and saying “bad deal, move on” is hardly helpful to anyone.

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It would be helpful if people just gave advice to the OP instead of lecturing to each other on how to give advice.

Since the vehicle is barely about to arrive. You will not get a deal on it yet if you are thinking discounts. This vehicle is a good bang for the bucks and the residual is excellent. Money factor not so much but you will be one of the first to have this vehicle. If you can just wait a little until there is alot on the lot and then maybe you can get a deal.

Well man lets put it this way my eyes popped out of my head and I had to double-check to make sure you weren’t leasing a Porsche Macan here with those kind of numbers. Your jaw will drop when you see Infiniti roll out the red carpet in December totally destroying the prices on brand-new models just to move them. There’s a reason why Inifiniti’s have some of the best deals on here if you look back on previous posts on the Forum and Homepage. This car is worlds away from even a remotely good deal and should be heavily discounted before jumping on it.

This is an extra long 39 month lease. This is designed to pull the enthusiasts in at a high profit margin and lock them in. When you have 36-30 months left you’ll be crying in the corner from all the people picking these up for a fraction of the cost you paid. Not to mention the leases in a few months are most likely going to become “normal” 30-36 months or even 24-27 months…

Do you think they’ll be better offers than the ones on infinitiusa.com for the Q60 in December? Or are these that are good through 1/2017 as good as they’re gonna get?