2017 Porsche Macan Base

My local Porsche dealer just sent some numbers to me for a base model 2017 Macan lease but left out the money factor and residuals, of course. Anything out yet for August for a 2017 Macan base? 24/30/36 month?

What were the numbers they sent you

$599 per month 48 month term 10K miles per year $5500 cash down plus all taxes, inception fees and doc fee
Based on MSRP of $60K. *Do people just go into a dealer, ask no questions and pay these lease terms? Yikes!

.00200 is the standard MF for Porsche. Im sure residual is around 60% for 36/10

Thank you for the quick reply.

ask them to confirm the numbers. their quote is way to high.

So get this, I ask them for the numbers as like you said, these make no sense, and this is the reply I get, “…a Porsche is a ‘want’ and not a ‘need’ like a BMW or VW.” Seriously? Can I just have the numbers without your poetic-reasoning for ripping me off!

Seriously? Tell them you didn’t get to the point in life where you can afford a Porsche by just blindly paying for things without knowing the important details.

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thats funny, what dealership was this? they can say this with rolls royces and ferraris but porsche? most the middle class income can afford a porsche if they want to, i’d love to put this dealership on blast if u can provide their information

Even at the Ferrari dealership they didn’t treat me like this. They got down to the number and showed me bulletins as needed. Everything is up front.

Porsche treated me like shit at their dealership. The salesman actually laughed the first time I pulled up in my 128i BMW. After I left I went to the BMW dealer next door and got an M6.

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I just got these numbers from an Illinois dealer.
For a Macan with zero down for 36 months/10,000 miles your payment would be roughly $910 a month plus tax. First month payment due at signing plus registration and documentation fee. (MSRP $56,135)
For a Cayenne with zero down for 36 months/10,000 miles your payment would be roughly $986 month plus tax. First month payment due at signing plus registration and documentation fee (MSRP $64,140)

Perhaps the best response would be something along the lines of: “I am contacting multiple Porsche dealerships regarding leasing a Macan. It seems you would prefer to pass on making a deal than offer complete lease pricing to me. Let me know if you change your mind.”

Porsches are terrible cars to lease. I looked at buying/leasing a Macan turbo 18 months ago. Ordered the car and it came to $92K with options I wanted. Waited three months and still no car, tied up at port in Germany. Cancelled the order. Even with a big chunk of money down the lease for purchase monthly was $1500 or more. PFS MF is terrible at 0.002 and the cars depreciate like a rock. You can pick up a used 2015 $90K turbo with less than 30K miles for low to mid 60’s today. Unless you have to have the 2017 model (with CarPlay and a few other upgrades) I’d suggest getting a CPO S from a dealer for about $50K. The lease on a new one is going to to run you at least $1K per month when all is said and done. Heck for that money you can lease a new 911 like I did a few years ago - when they jacked the residuals to 76%.

BTW - for comparison I’m negotiating a lease on a new 2016 BMW X5 40e. MSRP of $73K. Lease payment is $556 plus tax using 7 MSD’s. Also an $85K 40e I saw I worked down to $675 per month (plus tax). BMW leases are much more attractive. Is an X5 as good as a Macan or Cayenne? No - but the $$ differences make it okay for me.

Good luck.

How does the 40e drive? I see theres a 5500 credit on them right now.

To the OP: id pass on a base Macan and buy a CPO S or Turbo.

It’s no Cayenne - lol. But it works for me. I tried to justify the Cayenne (used GTS, Turbo or SEH) but it’s smaller and requires $$ yearly maint. which is covered by BMW. And then there’s the depreciation. The total X5 lease cost will be about $23K which is perfect for me.

Used (2013) Cayennes are a ‘bargain’ but still hover above $60K. I didn’t want to tie up that much cash and then have to try and sell an expensive car in 2-3 years. I figure even a already depreciated turbo that had an MSRP of $120K that now sells for $68K is gonna drop another $25K in the next three years - ouch!

I can use the X5 40e to get back and forth to work and use no gas and also use it to head to mountains. It drives very nice - not like a Porsche but good enough and it’s got more tech and interior space. I’m going with the Xline and Auto Cruise Control.

At the end of the day the lease is just too good to pass up. I leased an MDX a few years back and it was deeply discounted- MSRP was $45K and the lease was $533 including tax. The X5 has an MSRP $30K more and is only $70 more per month.

Not bad, hard to pass up free maint. That changes for MY 17 though with Bmw.

Did you end up working out a deal on the x5 40e?

Yes, in August. All the planets were aligned. $73K MSRP - lease came out to $599 per month including 9% tax. 36/10

I used 7 MSD’s to buy the rate down and the MF ended up at 0.0068. Rebates were $5500 in August and residual was 60%. Minimal money down.

I’m almost at 2000 miles. Last fill up with gas was 9/10 (almost a month) and I’ve got more than 1/2 tank remaining and have driven 800 miles since 9/10. I charge at work and charge at home - can squeak out almost 20 miles on a charge. Loving the car for what it is - daily commuter averaging over 80mpg and 4wd SUV that averages about 28mpg on highway.

That’s a great deal.