2017 Porsche Cayenne Platinum edition-$905/month PA Taxes included, 13 Months left- 11K miles left, MSRP $69745

Need to transfer my current 2017 Cayenne Platinum edition.
13 months remaining on the lease.
11,200 Miles left on current lease
Monthly payment is $905.
Exterior Color : Moon light Metallic Blue
Interior : Dual Color - Black/Beige
Additional Package: Premium Package, see below window sticker image for details
MSRP: $69,745/-
Residual value (at the end of 36 months lease) :$42,544/-
Leased it with $1450/- pre-paid full 3 years maintenance package, 2 Services are used, so 1 pre-paid service is left.
Plus I also made $2500 down payment at the time of leasing that comes to ~ $70 per month (for 36 months lease), so you get this benefit as well.
Car is in mint condition & well maintained, single driver driven, used for my work commute.
Send me a note if you are interested to transfer it.

Pictures, a list of options, and sticker price would be helpful

Posted the pics & Window sticker for additional details…

Great. Just to clarify, are you offering an additional $1500 incentive to take on the lease?

NO… Pls contact me only if anyone is interested to take over the remaining 13 months lease by paying $905 per month to Porsche & any additional lease transfer charges that Porsche charges to complete the process. No negotiations please…

Residual is ~ 61%, I didn’t think p cars residuals were anywhere near that high.

If you are a serious buyer pls let me know I will send you the complete lease agreement.Since I paid 3 years maintenance in advance couple of points added to residual. This was my first Porsche I’m very happy with it, I just need to upgrade to a 7 seater vehicle, thats why I’m letting this go.

He’s not. It’s not an incentive and I’ve updated the title accordingly.

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I’m relatively new to this process… Thanks for correcting the terminology… Appreciate it.

No problem.

Good luck, OP. I wish I had more car budget.


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