2017 Porsche 718 Boxster with 500 miles. Is it new?

Im thinking about buying a new 2017 porsche boxster. The dealer is willing to give me approx 17% off 70k msrp. Two questions:

1.) it has about 500 miles on it, is it still considered new?
2.) dealer is saying they could get this much at an auction but is willing to sell it at a loss to make new relationship. Is 17% the max i could get?

  1. As long as it has never been titled, it is considered “new.”

  2. No one knows for sure.

Do you think the new car with 500 miles will be ok? Im just worried they went crazy with the car and i might be faced with mechanical problems down the road…

Its a lease unless you plan on buying it after, any problems that occur will most likely be under warranty.

No need to worry down the line since you’ll only have it for 36mos. You can beat on it and give it back, the beauty of leasing.

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Haha ya if it was a lease i wouldnt even sweat. But im planning to buy it because theres no more lease support for 17s.

Is it a manual or PDK? What’s the history of the vehicle?

Yeah, you need to find out how they accumulated those 500 miles. Like you said, if this is going to be financed, you need to be absolutely sure of the history.

If the dealer won’t say, just walk.

Its PDK. I think its been on the lot for some time. Im guessing its from test drive?

Will ask tomorrow.

PDK is better. No chance for engine over revs. The reality is you are going to be better off buying used from an enthusiast. Rennlist and 6speedonline are best marketplaces for used Porsches.

I am thinking they would be lucky to get 50k for it at auction. This may not be titled but it sounds like it was a demo or loaner.

Porsche has been running alot of drive center vehicles at auction. You would want to ensure it’s not one of those. If it is, that it’s been properly reconditioned. I looked and lowest mile car sold had 1,200mi. So just ask about prior useage.

Avg Odo (mi)
Avg Cond
Typical Range
$48,200 -$51,200

There are tons of dealers with left over 718 Boxsters and Caymans.

I think you could possibly do better buying a CPO model. They still lease, and you’ll get the benefit of the longer warranty. I’ve seen a pretty big selection of 718s with only a couple thousand miles on them. Buyers remorse I would assume!

Nope - simply the cold stare of death from the spouse - “You did what? You leased that? How do you take the kids in that…”

Haha… that might be it, or they heard the 4 cylinder wide open for the 1st time :slight_smile: :joy:

It’s easy to fall in love at the dealer and to have an unrealistic image. It’s also easy (and costly) to change the mind a few months later.

I am grateful to Porsche for the 718 fiasco. It means that a 499 lease on those is coming soon and I shall get one. The car will have limitations but within its limitations, I shall enjoy my drive over the next 36 months or whatever is available on swapalease.

Thank you Porsche for the Dud. Thanks you middle aged guys with more money than sense :slight_smile: Thank you nagging spouses for making them ditch the car.

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I saw one on Swapalease;
2018 Cayman @ $450/mo w/ over 1500 miles available per month,

Problem is that he’d still be liable for all damages after new lessee returns car, according to his page, so he’s pulling the posting down. This may be true for all Porsche lease takeovers.

That is a sweet sweet MF (and not talking about Money Factor)

What’s the 718 fiasco?

I would add that if the car is titled which it may be - as long as Porsche is willing to apply new car leasing incentives and programs to the car it shouldn’t matter to OP.

Yes when I was trying to take over a Porsche 911 cab lease it did have there that the original owner would remain on the lease and the car had some serious bumper rash up the side so I passed.