2017 or 18 Mercedes G Wagen

I’m interested in leasing a 2017 or 18 Mercedes G550 or G63 AMG. I haven’t spoken to any dealers yet. I’m in Chicago, but like to deal with Knauz. Does anyone have residuals or MF for these? Thank you!

Don’t have the residual or mf for the G-Class but, I tried to lease a 2017 G550 they quoted me $1,359.01 for 60 month lease with $10k down

Good luck to you!

I’d guess in the 40s and base MF of .00200

Why are they wanting 10k down? Are MSD’s not an option for this vehicle?

Residuals in the 40s sound pretty rough. Didnt know they depreciate so much.

I checked my local dealer and the residual is looking around 57.

Well Junes numbers are as follows
36/12 numbers - standard MF (around .00200-.00220) and 54% (G550) or 56% (G63)

Well my guess was half right lol. Lease # will be high anyways since they barely discount them

What was the price of the vehicle? Do you have the MF and residual information?

Residuals on these especially the g63 should be super high in theory. Used ones keep their value like crazy. But it is a high demand car (relatively speaking) so people pay up…

Is that true? I would think these lose value like crazy. If someone could afford one of these, they’d just pay for a new one vs getting a used one.

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Yes I had one that I bought. Barely lost any money on it. These things have a cult following. When I went to sell it priced it high and sold it fast. Had a bunch offers within a week.

would you recommend buying over leasing?

Personally if you are saying g63. Buy a used one with low miles. It will hold its value. Unless you drive a lot. Then I’d say lease and just be done with it, but know they don’t lease well.

Thank you for your replies. I am really interested in pulling the trigger. I have seen a few G63’s with low mileage, including the color and interior I want. I will have to travel to these dealers to check it out. But I wouldn’t want to purchase a non-CPO without the extended warranty, so I’d have to factor in that amount. Regardless, it will be worth it in the end as I will keep it for a long time.

Especially if you are saying you will keep it for a while then buying is really the only option. Buying this car slightly used with low miles is the way to go. The f you looked at used ones you can see that they hold their value. After that initial hit they hold strong.

Good luck! It is a great vehicle you will be happy. Feels like a powerful tank.

I’d target the selling prices for these. Do keep in mind- the G63 is AMG - so that’s a whole different story- you won’t see much shaved off for AMG vehicles. If you’re going for price then G550- I couldn’t imagine the NEED for 63. Go for the designo editions

The best I was able to shave off was 4% off msrp on a G550 after grinding numerous dealers on the price. That put me under invoice but not by much.

Better off buying used or leasing something else like an X5M which is what I did in the end.

Hello, I live in S Florida & LA. I am looking to lease a G63 for very short term (I believe MB has a 13 month lease). I would like to find a new 2018 G63, lease this for this short period with very low miles, while I order & wait for my new 2019 G63.

What type of MF should I expect on this lease and what would be a rough idea of residual value?

The first MF I got translated into an interest rate of almost 8% thru MB finance which seems very high? Any help would be greatly appreciated



Check on Edmunds for the MF/RV. Just curious how much you are expecting to spend on that short lease?

I don’t know exactly but I am sure it will. be high…I just want a fair MF/Interest rate. Only way I can think to drive a 2018 until my 2019 is delivered